21 March, 2010

[note] Super Junior concert.

A'kum n ello..

I'M HOME!!!!!!!!!


i really wanna blog about the Super Junior's concert but i really don't think i can do it now.maybe later.cos my condition right now is not really in a good shape,but i really2 will blog about it.aha.

oh2.the concert was SUPER FUN!!!i didn't even know half of the songs,but who cares,it's not like i understand the language anyway.haha.


I SAW SIWON'S ABS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the first bloody hot brilliant handsome sexy abs that i ever seen in real life is CHOI SIWON's!!!

n btw,i'm in love with Kyuhyun right now. damn i was looking at him the whole time. haha. but he didn't really give me the same impact as when i saw Changmin tho.but Kyuhyun was cute!


Zhou Mi.he only made his appearance few times,but it was NICE! cos seriously, Zhou Mi is cute.handsome. and so on. oh if only i can grab him and.....

Lee Teuk cried.
Hee Chul took a pink bag.
KyuhYun took a picture from a fan's camera....
and other plenty of things...

and i'm in heaven.

but i don't want to die now.

so i'll blog in a detailed post later.ta!

something to prove that i really saw Super Junior:

10 of the SuJu members.

snapped this from the screen.
bye then!

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