31 March, 2010

find work, dun study. damn.

A'kum n ello..

last week wasn't a pretty week for me.

ok. i got 2 tests in that week.

so i studied. i tried to memorize the terms and all and understand all of them.

but then....

virology was pretty much shocking. cos seriously, the questions that i and the whole class expected didn't really come out. all the stuff that we learn were pretty much......useless.

and microbial physiology.

i was determined to improve my previous marks. so i really really study the night before that. i even try to ignore the solitaire game that i'm addicted to.

but then, the questions were out,and all of them were the unpredictable one.

to be honest, i thought it was ok.


i got my marks just now.

it was BAD. like very2 BAD!

and when i looked back at the questions and relate them to my answers, i was like "CAN'T THE QUESTION BE MORE SPECIFIC????" you said load, and i thought you mean the mass, so i calculate the mass. but then i found out, you want the amount, not the mass.

and i lose a freaking 5marks because of that.

and the another question asked "DATA THAT YOU OBSERVED"

so i stated almost all the data, but i lose a freaking 7 marks cos the question was actually asking me to calculate the data, not STATE THE DATA THAT I OBSERVED.

and so, my score was very very bad, and i got this comment:


and this all happened cos I MISUNDERSTOOD THE QUESTIONS.
cos seriously, when i found out the answers, i was like, "damn,i know that! i studied them!"

cos seriously, I STUDIED.

and people judge other people by their score.

have to say it then: HAIL THE REAL LIFE!



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Sepet said...

gawddd, giler kasar comment =.="