30 April, 2007

thoughts on exam

a'kum n ello..

2 ppl talked about exam in theirs blog...and both of them are afraid...

i'm not boasting right now or "i'm the best,the best and the best"..nope~..but really though..i feel really good in facing next week exam..huhu...i'm not really in a study mode right now..i even forgot about my 'oath',30 minutes of internet only...guess i'm not really a person that keeps her words then..anyway...i just hope my dear little friends won't be scared about the exam...
  • hani,i know you do nothing right now...but you're good anyway..and like shazizan said"you can do it!"....:)
  • ainun,i touch your chin this thursday if you still have fear on the exam...you already start studying 1 month ago,why must care..i thought you should feeling ready anyway..
enough then...~

  • currently listening to Tackey&Tsubasa's One Day,One Dream
  • start study..after you have your breakfast and also bath...
  • lalala...
  • like usual,when they said something that scare them..i also scare of it...da...
  • hope this dizzy will stop..
  • stop playing that damn Puzzle Bubble game!
  • k...i haven't study!!
  • j.k.....
  • lala again..
  • i don't like hermione.........

shake your bang-bang!

a'kum n ello..

it was very fun at school..especially in bio's lab..it was totally brilliant!..and also funny..!!..haha..never thought this kind of thing will happen..i was a lil bit hyper...not really that hyper..but i was high~~~

before recess..we have this history thingy..a ceramah anyway...something about 'how to answer you history's test'...i never good in listening to tips and all...i just dunno why i'm not interested with it..and so..i study a lil bit..made some notes for chapter3 from form5's history....and then..when it was recess time..i was alone in the class cos hani didn't come today and emi was with akmali....i was a lil bit bored..but i read history book again..hehe..anyway...then later...i felt relieved that there was no english subject for today cos i didn't finish my essay..haha..anyway...during bm time...i was bored..my mind was not in the mood to do the rumusan that pn. noraini gave us..so..i went to nazneen's,najwa's and aqilah's desks...and i talked with them..i told nazneen that i can't wait to watch the 70's Show tonight...and i told her that i like this one guy in it...i forgot who it was..and so..i describe to her that he is the man who have the cendawan hair...she was like who?...and then i realize that najwa and aqilah were laughing..i didn't get it at 1st..and then najwa asked me"macam mana rupa rambut cendawan?"...i dunno why..when i tried to describe it to her,i also laughed..i dunno why..maybe cos i imagine liyana's hair when she was a kid...her hair totally looked like a cendawan when she was a kid...but i explain to them..that the cendawan hair looked like afiq ersyad's hair(forgive me,afiq!not intended)...they laughed totally hard when they heard that....yup,you just can't help it...it's really a funny example..lucky that afiq change his hair...haha..

n then later..during bio time...we went to the lab to finish this PEKA thingy...after finish all the markings..(i got full 3marks!thanks to atman and afiq cos let me copied their work)...i played a game with emi..something about,a person have to say 1 word to the other person,and the other person have to reply another word,and we do that again continuously...anyway..later after that..many ppl get involved with it...nazneen,atman,shazizan and hakim and ainun joined us...it was very funny when there were times that we had to say something about 'sharani pakai bra-'and so on...what will happen if his real dad totally heard what he said...?...haha..we stopped the game though after shazizan was slow to react to some words we said...and we planned that the punishment should be sing Negaraku..but he didn't want to do it...and after that, he said he didn't want to play..and then other people didn't want to play..and then,stop..hrm...kk..but me n emi and nazneen still continue..and then aqilah and najwa joined us...we played this game..something likeyou give a word and sing it...anyway...najwa gave this word...and i sang "shake your bang-bang!"...i felt a lil bit awkward by singing that words...cos i thought i made a mistake in the song but i dunno what it is...and then..all the girls yell"shake your bon-bon la"....i was embarrased..but also laughing at the same time..haha..cos i was like,pretty confident...haha...(satisfied,emi?)
  • download nana's chapter 66
  • download josh groban's you raise me up
  • akmali,chocolate!
  • the wheredugong blog is 100% finish..check the header!!
  • haha..shazizan is shy..~~~
  • my bm essay was a lil bit sucks but lucky i know what was the mistake...

29 April, 2007


a'kum n ello..

huhu...this evening..i surf the internet like 1.30hours++...hoho...and don't think something negative k..i only did some dugong's thingy for my group's blog...hani said that our group's blog is dull..so..i change it to the new layout..i think the new layout is ok...batter than the 1st cos the 1st is dull..and this time..the layout is more 'friendly'...huhu..anyway...i got bored with the blog's 1st song,The Fray's How To Save a Life...so..i change it to Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up...haha...cool eh~...i dunno why..i like that song..huhu...his voice is better than masafumi akikawa(???)...haha..anyway..i was a lil bored after that..so...i put a song to the dugong's main blog...haha...i put carpenter's closer to you..haha...i dunno why i put that song..i didn't even know the name of the song anyway..i was thinking what song to put at the main blog..then..the word carpenter flash in my mind..and i type carpenter at imeem..then i saw closer to you..i think hani love that song...so..i put it at the main blog..haha..the dugong is closer to you~~~
  • download koike teppei's my brand new way
  • currently listening to koike teppei's my brand new way..
  • finally,i found wentz and teppei's songs...
  • WHEREDUGONG updated!
  • akmali,choc!!
  • hehe..

the nagger and my bro

a'kum n ello..

i woke up,alone on the bed cos my sis slept at masjid...and then i have my bath...and then my sis back from the masjid..and we watched csi together...and then she went to sleep and i continue watched the tv till 2.30pm-watched grey's anatomy...waste the time but i'm happy...

that's when it started...

mak cik azah nag at me...i think she better keep that stupid words to herself and say it to my bro instead of me becos it is not my problem anyway...let me just say it direct and (ok..) behind her...she better say this in front of my brother's face and this is her prob if she feels uncomfortable and insecure...it's not like i care....she's only my stepmother and also a selfish woman...

k...let me say it from the start...

my bro put the laptop in his room..cos he wanted his friend to use the laptop..and bcos he wanted his friend to have some privacy..and so,he put the laptop inside his room..n then...like a normal human being...he is lazy to put it outside..and so..he leave the laptop in his room..and so...my sis and i often come to his room to use the laptop..it's not that we mind...bcos if the laptop is inside the room..the living room will not be messy with the wires and all...so...we are vey grateful that my bro put the laptop in his room instead of the living room...but there this one woman who always prejudice in anything we do....she told me,ME!!!,me alone!,that my father want us to put the laptop back at the living room...haish...FYI,she always said our living room is messy and all...da..!...n she didn't stop there..she said my bro will be like a drug addicts cos always bring his friends at the middle of the night and she also added that i must not 'buat bodo' in this prob...i don't think this is a problem ~~...anyway..she also said,she didn't trust his friends cos they are not good people and friends cos good friends come to ppl's house and said hi to the elders...forgive me for saying this,but let me...HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH


you want to know why i don't think this is big deal...?..this is becos i know who is bro's friend is...most of them that come to my house are someone i know;long before my late-mum died..and so to let you understand more,i know them before mak cik azah exist in front of my eyes..they are good ppl...and i know how good they are and ppl's good is not judge by saying hi...but by knowing who they are...and anyway..mak cik azah is too prejudice with bro's friends...and why must they care about saying hi to her if she never try to give a good heartwarming feeling to them..da...what a woman...and what an adult,if i may say...nowadays..i want her to go away from my life and let me n family alone...her judgement toward my siblings' life and also mine are making all of us in a terrible state...

ok..~~...maybe not all of them..but mostly,ME!!!
  • download fall out boy's Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
  • download Ouran Host Club chptr 37
  • currently listening to linkin park's what i've done
  • stupid woman~~
  • bellamy's respect towards rafa is too damn good!
  • carvalho and ballack out from LIVERPOOL vs chelsea clash...
  • still searching wentz/teppei's awaking emotion 8/5 /my brand new way's singles at the internet
  • pay the debt

lose and not nice

a'kum n ello..

just finish talking with ah hin....she always get bored at midnight eh..haha...many things we talked about...again,she talked about TVXQ..but i don't mind,if she feel happy with it,i also happy...nice2...she said she wants to show me he TVXQ collection..whoa!..that's good..collection~~~...huhu..

anyway..she called me at a right~ time anyway...cos liverpool lose to potty..haish2..but it was not an attractive game of football though..cos liverpool was bad in pass,defend and also attack...mark gonzalez was bad...terrible if i may say...haish...i hope this kind of thing won't happen in LIVERPOOL vs chelsea match...just dun want it to happen..i really have big hope that this season will emulate the 2005 season...i just hope liverpool will win CHAMPIONS LEAGUE again...i can't do solat hajat this time cos i'm in my 'holiday' right now..and so..i just hope the LIVERPOOL lads will win the semi-final match against chelsea..

my entry-blog right now nearly reach no.222...God bless me cos letting me have this blog longer than i expected..so...i'm happy that my blog have many entries that full of my thoughts..huhu...
  • just finish listening to yuna ito's endless story
  • bored~~

28 April, 2007

waiting for liverpool

a'kum n ello..

got da new Walk On mag...i love the cover..i just dunno why..it's only Gerrard n Rafa Benitez standing on the cover of the mag..but i just like it..maybe bcos of the colour..cos it's red...~..huhu..

i was watching the everton vs man utd match just now..just watch a few bits only..at 1st..the score was 1-0 to everton..then everton lead 2-0...but later..man utd scored 2...so..the score was 2-2..haha...i dunno what the score is right now cos the laptop right now is inside my bro's room..so...i can't watch the tv...anyway..just surf the liverpool web..in 10minutes,liverpool will play against porstmouth...anyway..the line-up for liverpool against potty is totally different than usual..cos some of the players that will play will be some players that i dunno...haha...anyway..just read other football news...alex ferguson said mourinho lacks respect to other football teams....haha..that's jose for you....he just can't forget what people had done to him..when i think about it..i nearly similar to him..NEARLY btw...not 100% similar...so..i'll try to change....erm..maybe not~

watched bleach this evening..it has a new opening..aqua timez sang for the opening and coolio it is!!!...so...it's the truth then...orihime really join aizen..cos the opening always show orihime&aizen,aizen&orihime and orihime's new clothes...she wears a new white clothes...haish..i like her..but she join the dark forces...haish2...just like anakin skywalker and also my friend...haha...anyway...read naruto,xxxholic and tsubasa reservoir chronicle...i know i only have 1 week for my mid-year..but the mangas are too good to leave it!!..
  • naruto-sasuke reveals why he make a new group called 'Hebi'....and Itachi appears!
  • xxxholic-sakura comes into watanuki's dream...and i think watanuki is more powerful than Yuuko...
  • tsubasa reservoir chronicle-Fye's reveal that he killed many ppl that have better powers than him..and he want to trade his right eye to Yuuko to go to his country..
damn cool!

anyway...i'm very bored today..i've done watching prince to frog..and i watched a lil bit of bleach cos i felt sleepy after that...anyway...i slept for 2 hours...and then now..playing the internet while waiting for the liverpool match....anyway...better go now...it's already 10pm..or else mak cik azah take the remote control and change the channel to watch AF!..


uchiha itachi

a'kum n ello..

just wanna say this..

HE APPEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UCHIHA ITACHI APPEARS after a very long time when the manga always talk about sasuke,naruto,sasuke,naruto...and now..huhu..ITACHI..!!!..

good,good..i like him..

but that stupid sasuke plan to kill him..

and that stupid naruto plan to find him..

and now..it just change..

the target is not orochimaru,cos now that he is dead..but now the target is itachi..hehe..now he is the main villain...


endless story~~~


a'kum n ello..

i skip chemy's class today...what a bad student i am...this is my fault anyway..cos i slept at 2.++am last night..i didn't feel like sleeping...but i still end up sleeping anyway...i watch prince to frog and currently have 1 cd to go...huhu..good~...then later i can do what i must do later....

hani called me before if i go to chemy's class or not..haha..i told her she didn't answer my question at the cbox about going to chemy's class..i thought she didn't answer it..then i saw it...and i realized that she REALLY had answered it...she meant 'aa' as 'yes'...haha...i'm very sorry...anyway...i just have to study really well after this..that's all i can do...and so..just all you blog readers pray for me that no prob will attack me after this...i know all of this has it benefits to me...but really,you all will nag that 'you must not mind about it' or something like that...and so...bcos i don't want any stupid nag..just pray for me....

my blog is becoming more negative than ever...maybe bcos of the layout...cos it's black..i still searching for the right layout..but none of them attract me yet..so...i just have to keep searching...
  • my dad said he will make a Maybank account for me so that i won't ask my bro about money...
  • and also bcos he knew that i am very mad towards my bro about the earphone thingy..
  • but i think i'm not mad anymore cos my bro let me use the comp in his room and he said he won't mind if i disturb him..
  • i'm easily happy,and i don't mind about it...
  • gayut with ah hin last night..she talked about TVXQ...haha...i told her i saw many TVXQ cds at Bkt Raja..she said she already has all of them...huhu..
  • and she said she didn't really mind about the birthday thingy..
  • i told her,at 1st i really mind about it....
  • and she just laughed..
  • and also a rock from the Great Wall of China..~~
  • endless story~~yuna ito!
  • hani,i want to go to ur house!!!
  • anan,blog blog blog!
  • ainun,you also...
  • akmali,be happy!
  • emilia,don't be tamak....
  • alisa,finish your hafazan at the masjid and say "SHAZIZAN GILA" when you meet him...
  • if you meet him~

27 April, 2007


a'kum n ello..

let me just say it here...i jsut say what i wanna say...

there is one thing i want to have in this world..


i have this miserable feeling since my father got married when i was form 2...i was a good student,good human being and also a good daughter as well as a good muslim...and now...nearly all of them change....before this..i seldom being moody..but nowadays..i always being a moody girl...i am very grateful though with everything around me..i have my best friend who knows me well,i have friends that always laugh my head off and i have a blog to let me tell my tales and i have my brain to control my nerve...but i have things that i feel mad about...

my life is totally change...

before this..i listen to ppl's nag....but just 2 person that i won't mind the nag..and that is my late-mother and my ex-maid,kak diah...when both of them nag...i will be mad...but eventually i will alright..i keep it to my heart and do what both of them said...but both of them are not beside me anymore..with my late-mother already passed away...and my ex-maid already an ex..she lived in indon right now..and not here beside me...and now..i have a stepmum who always nag and i never want to listen what she said cos all she said is something so annoying to my ears especially that she always want to make me feel guilty and stupid..haha..let me tell you..i hate her..she is so selfish..i never bother to think about her niceness...k..she treat us to a thai's restaurant last night...but let just say...i won't fall to a trap like a rat trapped in a cage cos of a cheese....i won't fall for that..k..maybe some ppl want to say"oh,think of the bright side"...shut the hell up!....maybe i am nice and good...but never ever think i don't have a heart!....
and so dam tired with the probs in my life!...maybe some ppl want to say..don't let your personal problem affect you..yes and shut up...you just dunno what i have to face right now...you just dunno what the stupid smile i have to show...you just dunno what the stupid reason behind all of these!!!..

and let me say it again..


just wanna say it to nobody...

thank you..

endless story will never end..~~~~


a'kum n ello..

got the url from a friend's blog..hahahahahahahahhahaha!...i just have to put it here..cos i can watch it everytime i want..

watch it if you want to see a japanese guy speak english...

thanks to onsei for this...

what the

a'kum n ello..

haha...i already done chatting with my father...let me just say..i think it was 'bad'....i dunno what it meant by bad..i just think that is the most suitable word to describe our conversation..

he asked me if everything is ok..at 1st..i said ok..and then later..i blabbed about the eaphone thingy...i know i am selfish and all...but let me just say...THAT IS THE PRESENT THAT MY FRIEND GAVE ME AND I ONLY USE IT FOR 1 WEEK AND MY BRO DIDN'T SAY SORRY FOR IT AND ONLY EXPLAINED THAT THE EARPHONE WAS BITTEN BY A RAT!....

one word i want to say...


shit with more than 3 T's....

and my father only said...

AyaH: Alia tak kesian kat Amin?
aLia_LiverPooL: ..
aLia_LiverPooL: dia jarang ras kesian kat alia..
AyaH: Nasib baik dapat Abang yg mcm tu. Kalau dapat Abang yg cacat?
aLia_LiverPooL: tu lain..
aLia_LiverPooL: ..
aLia_LiverPooL: takpela..
aLia_LiverPooL: biar jela..
AyaH: Alia tak tahu...Diam2 Amin tu sayang kat adik2 dia
aLia_LiverPooL: tau dah..

i have a very positive and yet not-really-that-sensitive father,aite...haish...what a miserable week i have nowadays.....
  • liverpool lose..
  • do u ever wonder if a friend of yours married to ur parent..
  • just asking cos i only read something like that in a book...
  • and i was thinking what really will happen..
  • i asked hamzah about this..
  • he said"aku pukul kawan aku,aku sepak bapak aku"
  • 4 alphabets"h-a-h-a"

school lab

a'kum n ello....

i'm at school lab rite now...the comp use internet explorer...so..i can't look at my blog rite now cos i have to use mozilla...now i know that even the latest i.e can't load my blog....huhu..anyway..i have to change the layout then...but maybe later...haha..

i haven't blog for the last 2 days cos on the 1st day i haven't blog..i got this surprise from someone...that so-called surprise made me too angry and also tired for the 1st time in my life...and so...i don't want to blog..cos that stupid surprise can't even mention in this blog...the 2nd day i haven't blog was becos i was bz watching the prince who turns to frog...cos i was alone at home at that time...bcos mak cik azah n my sis and my maid and the baby went to alamanda to shop...and my bro went out..so..i was alone...coolio!....i watch it with no manners cos i laughed too loud....i don't really mind before i realise that the sliding door wasn't close...haha...whatever...the tv was too funny and good...anyway..i watch it from 1pm till 11pm...haha...k..i stopped awhile at 5-5.10pm,7.30-9.31pm.....i don't really mind anyway...cos i want to keep my mind quite and happy without no stupid probs in my mind...

k...recess end..tata..!
  • just listening to the calling's wherever you will go
  • my bro is too useless to buy me a new earphones..
  • the bell just rang...

24 April, 2007

bad mood

a'kum n ello..

today was not a good day for me...i still can't forget that stupid bro of mine who is very IRRESPONSIBLE bcos he still don't want to admit that it was his fault that i lost my precious,brand new,not even a week yet earphones....!!!..damn it...haish...i still feel guilty to sarjie eventhough this is not my fault cos jahanam the earphones...but i haven't tell him what happen to the earphones cos he went home early today at school..

anyway..the day started with not a good thing..i was late at school..but i saw that liyana also late..so i didn't feel mad at the person who sent me late to school namely,MAK CIK AZAH...anyway...i was on duty to sweep the floor for the class today..zulaikha and teen-teen were also on duty to sweep the floor today...but zulaikha was late (totally late than me) and haha,no way teen-teen will do her duty..she's a lazy ass...anyway...i was alone sweeping the floor and holding the penyodok..then...ikram came to me...at 1st,he smiled at me and said that tonight will have a man utd match...i know about that...and i told him to help me hold the penyodok...he held it and said again that man utd has few defenders right now...and he was worried to his favourite team and all...and all i did after that was "biorla..bukannya aku kisah pun"....i was in a bad mood anyway...and man utd is not my fav team..why must i make him happy...?...and then...he made me wanna kill him~~~~~~...cos..........HE LET GO OF THE PENYODOK,AND ALL THE RUBBISH IN THE PENYODOK WERE ON THE FLOOR!!!!!....he ran away after that...i was so furious...hanif saw what he did...he tried to be a gentlement..he wanted to help me or something(or that's what i thought)...but i told him don't mind about it(or that's what i said)...anyway..my bad mood was increasing worsen especially if u added the one ikram did...

anyway..that's not all...let me just say there is a habit of mine that i seldom use..cos i am not a person that love to lose my anger at people in front of my face..so...i will write many curse words,all the bengangs on a piece of paper...it will be very colourful eventhough the content is not a good view...anyway,after that,i will tear the paper to small pieces...and if i still feel mad,i will make another one...and for your information..i did all of that today and i tore nearly 4 papers...haha..3 of them were colourful....i was very2 mad!!....emi said i looked like a mess today...she said i looked like i was in drugs but in a sad way(i only translate this in english cos she said "ko macam high tp dalam keadaan murung" something like dat)...haha...mind you,maybe i looked totally like trash...haish..anyway...shazizan saw through me that i was in bad mood..so..he asked what had happen..and like usual,when i'm in a bad mood,i will explode and told everything..and so i told him"ko dengarla luahan hati aku ni"...and so he listened to all the craps about the earphones thingy...i never think he is a good listener or someone who has feeling..cos i didn't mind when he said that he didn't listen what i said...but i knew arif arfan listened all of it cos he was in front of shazizan at that time...and so..those two(or maybe one?) boys(or maybe boy?) know about my problem....anyway thanks to them anyway...cos i was a lil bit not moody after that...i didn't enjoy chemistry very much..but i enjoyed add math...haha...
  • currently listening to arashi's di-li-li (i listen this at iTunes)
  • mak cik azah said she doesn't mind what i'm doing after this cos this is my life and so she won't mind any of it...i hope she keeps her words...cos i don't want to listen to her nag when i watch any liverpool match (early morning and even on the weekends)
  • awaking emotion singles will release tomorrow!..huhu..!!
  • harry potter and the deathly hollows is RM99.90..
  • didn't go to tuition today cos my bro doen't want to listen to me and so,we are not in speaking terms anymore and and so, he didn't send me there and this also bcos liyana didn't call me about going...

fernando torres

a'kum n elo..

haha...this will make some man utd's fans in hell...haha...or maybe not..cos...i subscribe liverpool news at google news...and then..i saw this link that said 'Liverpool ties strong for Atletico star Torres'...HAHAHAHAHAH...coolio!!!..paparazzi can be so great...~~~

this was the news...

Liverpool ties strong for Atletico star Torres
tribalfooball.com - April 23, 2007

Liverpool chances of landing Atletico Madrid striker Fernando Torres have moved up a notch after revelations over the weekend.

The Sun says Torres - a summer transfer target for Anfield boss Rafa Benitez - has the Kop's famous 'You'll never walk alone' slogan on the inside of his skipper's armband.

The 22-year-old's secret was revealed by accident when the armband came loose during Atletico's 2-0 defeat at Real Sociedad on Saturday.

And it has fuelled talk that Torres has his heart set on a move to Anfield at the end of the season.

But Atletico insist Torres will not be sold for a penny less than the £27 million transfer clause in his contract.

and this is the proof

damn good!

but really though,when you're in UK..don't ever read The Sun....the newspaper is full of lies!!!..

i trust this news cos they have proof...that's all...

23 April, 2007


a'kum n ello..

u know..my favourite software to surf the net is mozilla...and i realize something that u can't use internet explorer if you want to read my blog cos of this current layout..and so for all of you, mister and missus smith,you just have to use mozilla if you want to read this blog of mine...i dunno if the new version of I.E can read this blog...but the old version can't read it...anyway...i don't think i will change my layout in this current time cos i'm very lazy to edit the layout right now...especially the part where we have to choose the cool layouts...

anyway...i'm still down from that earphones-thingy...i just can't forget it...now i understand what it meant by sentimental value...sarjie is a good of friend of mine..he still gave the earphones to me eventhough he gave it late...but i don't really mind cos he went all the way to sg wang to buy it...and now...the earphones are totally DIE!!!!!!...


so STUPID!!!!!
  • no currently listen cos i can't listen to my iPod..
  • i just hope he will buy earphones for me to pay his mistake..
  • that detailed-woman called me taiko cos of taiki..
  • oy detailed-woman,good luck for you history quiz tomorrow!
  • currently watching the Prince who turns to frog...
  • i want to steal my bro's money!!!!!!
  • ain's sis has vol 1-30 of SVJH..

Awaking Emotion 8 / 5 / My Brand New Way

a'kum n ello..

i'm still mad to my bro..

but i saw something from YouTube that maybe me n emi will be happy about...anyway...i already happy and i really want emi to watch EIJI WENTZ's new single.!!!...da...teppei also have a new single but wentz's are very2 different than any usual WaT's songs...totally rock!!!!!...haha...and wow,he is hot..!...

Wentz Eiji's Awaking Emotion 8 / 5


my new earphones

a'kum n ello..

just when i want to feel happy for the rest of the day..i was wrecked after i finished my prayer...i was very happy today cos i had so much fun with friends and still lose to ainun about the touch-the-chin thing...and hani was being so unashame of herself cos she sang a song that i forget what it was...but it was way better if she didn't sing it,anyway...and i teased all the scums',gooners' and also chelski's fan today cos their favourite team drew last weekend...and in all those top 4 teams,only liverpool won and the rest were all drew...

i was being nice for a minute...

before that,i want to say sorry to sarjie cos i am a stupid friend and also bcos i have a bro that really make me want to kill him...i also want to say sorry that i,maybe, didn't appreciate the present that you gave me for my birthday very much (THIS IS TOTALLY NOT TRUE!!!!!!!)..and that's why THIS happen..(i soooooo wanna kill him!!)

you guess it,right..~~

my brand NEW EARPHONES is again ROSAK!!!!...

oh...last time..my 1st earphones,only the left-earphone can be use and that's why i want a new earphones...cos it is not satisfying when you listen to your ipod with only the left-earphone...and so..i asked sarjie to give me earphones for my birthday..he gave it then..such a nice friend!...but i don't have a good bro btw...he USED my EARPHONES..!....and he left the earphones in a bad state...and i dunno~~...he said that the last time he saw the earphones,it still has BOTH of it ears..but now ...........


1 of the 'ears' is missing..~~

my bro said maybe the rat bite it and took it away..

what a stupid reason...~~~~

oh,i'm very furious right now!!!!!!!!!!

and now...the earphones only have 1 ear....oh~~~~~so kesian to it...


22 April, 2007

there's nothing good than forget

a'kum n ello..

lately..i have a nice good sleep...something that i really want in the past 4 days...huhu..anyway..i just have to thanks hani about this cos without me blurted everything to her,maybe i will keep on dreaming the same thing....haha...

anyway...i send an email to my father that i want him to pre-order harry potter 7th book,the deathly hollows...he was cool!!..he said ok with it eventhough this is my spm year and all and also he understands me very well that if i don't read the book when it come out later,i will keep on thinking about the book and forget what happen to my surrounding..he understands that very well and so..he said he will put the money for the harry potter book in my bro's account and my bro will give me later..huhu..anyway...the previous post about the tips for study smart was emailed by him...the 2nd tips struck at me the most cos i said before about not giving up my add math..guess i just have to change the attitude then...and to tell you the truth,i thought before i wanna drop my account...but later i thought i better take the challenge cos i know i can..huhu....
  • akanishi jin is back from u.s....his hair is totally ugly!
  • dd,my sis still mad..
  • currently listening to LL cool J's control myself featuring J.Lo..
  • currently watching sixth sense..
  • i hate to say this,but uchiha sasuke is getting hotter...
  • but itachi is the best!!
  • eyeshield 21 and bleach are becoming cooler and cooler!!!
  • my bag is in bad state right now..but my dad said he bought me a bag at Mekah..


a'kum n ello..

my father e-mailed this to me...so..i'll be an aina and do some study thing..huhu..

1. Be good to yourself.
Keep physically
fit and rested.

2. Attitude is all-important.
Use positive affirmations: "I can pass American History." Provide your
own psychological edge, be it a positive attitude or a "lucky pen."

3. Be a chronic enthusiast!

3. Used textbooks may
provide insights on a course.

4. Sit in the front row;
if you must sit toward the back of the room, lean forward.
and concentration increase markedly.

5. Don't miss the first
and last minutes of class.
They are crucial — important announcements,
questions on test, etc.

6. Use
a variety of study techniques.

  • Tape chapters. Listen
    to tape on way to school, work.

  • Use index cards for quick

  • Keep entries simple.

  • Remember:
    frequent review takes facts from short-term memory to long-term memory
    — learning as opposed to cramming

7. Study in short bursts.
(First and last facts are remembered best; therefore, it will accelerate

8. Review notes immediately
after class.
Even for five minutes. Something magical happens! (review

note taking

9. Review your notes out
Read your chapters out loud.

10. Appearance raises
Neatness counts. Word processors are a plus. If handwritten,
use erasable pen.

11. Don't waste
time rereading.
Rely on "pen in hand" and SQ3R.

12. Test professors before
they test you.
Ask questions about what kind of test to expect,
what material will be covered.

13. Become an expert test

14. Go with initial hunches.

15. Stay with initial

16. Study
according to your biological clock.
Are you "normal," a night owl,
or an early bird?

17. Eliminate stress in
your life.

18. EXERCISE is the
best antidote.

19. Make extra credit

20. Never miss a class.
This is considered mandatory by "A" students.

21. Be prepared to bail
. Don't be afraid to drop a course that is not working for you.

22. Volunteer to edit
a friend's paper.
Use it as a learning experience.

Study smart—not hard!

and discipline pay off.

24. Stay mentally, physically
and spiritually fit.

girls day out

a'kum n ello..

huhu...i am totally happy!!..LIVERPOOL won over wigan 2-0....huhu..the match was awesome...kuyt was brilliant and bellamy was certainly too fast for the wigan's defenders...and anyway...xabi was good...he made many mistakes in the 1st half..then later...he made cool passes and i was very happy to see him partnered with gerrard after a long time..both of them really the best midfield-pair in the world(that is my opinion and i dun need you to say "nonono")..anyway...the match was awesome...!..and i'm totally in awe with agger...he tried to do something that messi will do;dribble from the centre of the field and do a solo and the score,..but in the end...after he left 3-4 defenders..the end was not a goal...lorh..anyway..it was a brilliant match!

yesterday morning(it's already 12.44am-sunday time rite now)...went to the chemistry's extra class...the day was good...and after that...me n hani went to somewhere to buy sarjie's present for his birthday..he was good as a sponsor for the recent parties that my friends made..so..we thought we better bought something for him..i didn't buy his present yet...cos i don't have the money...but hani shared with ainun to buy sarjie's present..the present to be kept quiet so that no spoiler will happen...n also bcos sarjie knows about my blog..but the present was weird for a guy like him anyway..but it still cute...hahaha...n after bought the pressie,we have a walk at the place we bought the present,and i went to hani's home after that...to 'study'...haha..mostly..i didn't study at all...to say the truth,i don't even study...i read the latest kreko and hani read the new manga that she bought..and after that..we watched SPIN KICK at the internet...SPIN KICK is a korean movie...very2 funny movie!!...haha...the guy was cute...but also stupid + childish..haha...i didn't watch the whole movie though..cos i had to go home at that time...anyway,while i was waiting for my bro to pick me up at hani's house...like usual,hani's mum invited to me to have dinner there...at 1st,i was reluctant to have the dinnet at her place,but when her mum knew i WILL eat if i have the time to eat,her mum insisted to let me eat..so,i end up have my dinner there...lucky my bro was late..so...i finish ate them...huhu...

want to know something...i like babies..i really love them..but 2 things for sure why i dun think mak cik azah mustn't adopted a baby was bcos:
  • 1st,she won't be a good mother..
  • cos=she always work and also a selfish woman..
  • ???=i know this bcos i live in the same house with her..
  • 2nd,she will blame everything that happen to the baby to me,my sis and bro..
haha..stupid reason aite...?...i live under 1 roof with her...so..i know the real her...anyway...she nag at me n my sis when we were watching the liverpool match..it was common of me to increase the volume of my voice when i watched the match..especially the latest match,liverpool vs wigan..there are many chances for liverpool..and bcos i know the baby was asleep..i didn't increase it like usual..but the woman~...she was out from her room and told us if the baby awake from his sleep..she will off the tv..haha...try me!...i never ever let ppl off the tv when i was watching a liverpool match..i can control my anger when ppl change the channel..but to off the tv?...i'm sorry,i will just EXPLODE..!..

ok ok,i know it was selfish to think something like this and being very immature to blame something to the baby and eventhough it is indirectly...and so i want to say here...she mustn't use the baby's name to have a nice sleep...i hate ppl lied to me...and i totally hate it if you use other's name for your own sake by lying...the baby won't awake from his sleep with me yelling for liverpool da...i'm not being too loud...she's the one who can't sleep..da...if she wants to have a very good sleep on a liverpool night...go to the hotel..i dun mind her...to tell you the truth,without her in my life,my life is better...
  • i know i'm being too direct and honest and also brutal...
  • but i dun care..this is my blog btw..
  • and dd,dun u mind me cursing..
  • better remind you that this is my blog..
  • i want to say anything that my mind want to say...
  • currently listening to AAA's hurricane lily boston mary..
  • better pay all the debt..
  • want my dad to pre-order harry potter and the deathly hollows...
  • thanx to hani for listening all my probs after skool..
  • liverpool qualified for the champs league next season..
  • arsenal drew..!...
  • princess diaries 7 is already out!!

20 April, 2007

another nag from da nagger

a'kum n ello..

kk..i read ainun's blog...and her blog reminded me what really happen at school...she mostly remind me of that touch-the-chin thingy...da...i'll do that to u tomorrow,ainun!!...anyway..it was even between us..but it was like she enjoy it more than i do..haha..dun mind..i do it to you again tomorrow..

mak cik azah nag...i dunno what happen to her..maybe she is in her pms or something..but she was bad mood all sudden...last time,she nag at me cos i haven't bathe yet at 7.30pm..then now,she nag again why i haven't bathe yet at 6.30pm...da...what's with her anyway..why must she mind about the time for bathe..it's not like i'm a smelly girl or something..she's the one who smelly..da...kk..this is her personal problem...not mine...lorh..

n then after i have my bathe,totally at 6.30pm...she nag again but not becos i haven't bathe..but bcos i was watching the tv...da...what's her prob anyway...did she lost her motherly instincts towards that adopted baby?...really lorh..that's not my prob..that's hers...she really getting on my nerves lately..nag about something...she has to be appreciated towards me cos i even concern about her health condition..ngeng dat woman..she never thinks the positivity of others..stupid~~

oh...shazizan said ainun's blog is boring...but i told him that aina's blog is interesting...i told him mine is more boring cos i talked crappy things unlike ainun's who love to say something she wants...but still..eventhough shazizan read ainun's blog..he still dunno how to spell ainun's url-blog..he still dunno how to spell hyperayna....
  • done my chemistry exercise just now...
  • want to do add math..
  • but my mind is so sleepy rite now..
  • maybe cos i haven't sleep well for the last 3 days or so..
  • i dreams of something that related to the others dreams..
  • anyway..all the 3 dreams i have in 3 nights are totally related to each other..
  • i just hope it would stop..
  • so i can have a good dreamless sleep..
  • but maybe i really want that dream..
  • but still..
  • i just have to go back to the reality!
  • i really like that dream btw..
  • make me happy for a minute..
  • but also stupid...
  • tomorrow chemistry's extra class at 10-11am

no excitement

a'kum n ello..

it's not an exciting day for me...boring n boring...but like emi said"cherish your school days"...yeah...this is my final year anyway...later i'll be a worker in some place that i never thought i will work or i might work at some place that i already plan i will...but still...now is now..so..let's talk about now...

anyway..bcos today has est...so..the whole class went to the comp lab...it was cold at our(me n emi) usual place at the comp lab..so..i went to hakim's comp...(at that time,nobody was there)..and i used it..i was so bored...my dugong group already completed..(almost,but i think there is nothing to add anymore)...and so..i surf the net to read manga..mangas to be exact cos i read more than 1 manga...haha..i read naruto's chp 350,xxholic and tsubasa reservoir chronicle..all those mangas are becoming more insteresting!..i thought naruto is becoming sucks and sucks..but nope..the manga is becoming interesting..huhu...but sucks anyway cos sasuke is not joining naruto anymore..he made another group...and OH!..that is spoiler!...haha...anyway...tsubasa reservoir chronicle are related to xxholic...da..i'm blabbing rite now...

anyway..conclusion...it was a boring day at the comp lab...
  • there was no math class today..so...me,emi,aqilah,adam n hanif went to 5ik1 to join their account's class..
  • cos ckg rokiah invited us..
  • i told ppl that i gave up my add math already..they just said WHY!?!?..
  • i dun want to answer that..
  • but maybe i try to forget the give up but at least try to make my add math's result better..
  • farahin sulk on the way home cos i forgot her birthday date..
  • i'm sorry !!
  • i thought her birthday was 29th may..and not 18th may..
  • i got confuse between her birthday and k-lun's...
  • k-lun's birthday is 29th may..and hers is 18th...
  • liyana was a lil bit upset with her behaviour...
  • i was like;i also will be upset if my friend's forget my birthday..but i won't be MAJORLY upset..
  • my sis think ah hin was being childish...
  • da...ppl these days are really annoying...
  • another stupid attitude that ppl have..
  • t-chah!
  • currently listening to linkin park's what i've done..
  • sum 41's new single will be out in these few weeks and the new single is March of The Dogs..coolio!

19 April, 2007

1 day

a'kum n ello..

let me tell you what i did at school today...
  1. 1st,at class,finished the chemistry's lab report..
  2. went to the toilet with marjani...
  3. back to class,emi came and told us the pn azlinda waited for us at bilik seni..
  4. went there...
  5. no work was given..so i read physics form 4..
  6. back to class..
  7. pn maheran taught physics..
  8. recess time..
  9. afiq ershad shooed me out from the class cos the boys wanted to change their clothes in there...
  10. seriously,it's not like i want to see their unsexy body..
  11. dun mind,dun mind..
  12. went to PRS..read the newspaper..
  13. talked with mior...
  14. i think he is a weird guy...
  15. oh!..shaun n jeremy asked what the score liverpool vs boro..
  16. i said 2-0 and gerrard score from long range and a penalty..
  17. both of them were so happy...KOPS like me..!
  18. where was i..?
  19. k..after recess...
  20. ustazah rokiah didn't enter the class cos of the puteri islam thingy..
  21. i read physics again for 1 hour or more or maybe less..
  22. stop when i didn't understand what the hell is 'momentum is conserved'
  23. read newspaper and was totally absorbed to the story of the 32 virginia student..
  24. read chemistry after done reading the newspaper...
  25. oh!..before that..i saw atman being slap at by hanif cos he tried to kiss him..
  26. haha..
  27. back to the story..
  28. done reading chemistry..talked with ainun,fatin,marjani n nazneen for 5minutes or more..
  29. went to chemistry lab..
  30. the end...~
coolio!!...the list stop at 30..!!!..haha..i didn't plan it..but it stop there...haha...today's class not really fun nor boring..but still alright...my mind was tired cos watching LIVERPOOL vs boro match...good thing liverpool won this morning and gerrard the hero..huhu...this saturday have to wake up early cos pn zalma made an extra class on the morning...thoughts on not going..but i think i better go...it's not like i'm a genius or something...so..just have to go then...
  • currently listening to daniel powter's chariot
  • my father online last night..but i slept at 12++am and he online at 12.04am...where was the advice "sleep early?"
  • that korean student was a cold blooded person..he really hate the world and himself...da..
  • ppl nowadays are so stupid to realize how good their life is..
  • exceptional to that korean student,he only thought of negativity then the positivity...
  • nagasaki's mayor was killed by a yakuza..
  • not a funny to say..but really.."my boss my hero"
  • today's news,'BLOGGER MUST SAY THE TRUTH'..
  • i never say lies in here...
  • nothing happen but i sense someone's eyes watching me..
  • creepy but huhuhuhu..
  • tata!

18 April, 2007

the grudge

a'kum n ello...

today was very tired n dizzy..i dunno why i feel this dizzy..it's not like i sleep later than usual...i sleep before 12.30am nowadays..i know that's not really good..but it is improving to be before 12am...anyway..nowadays,i can't sleep really well cos i had some dreams that make me woke up and have a thought after that...i don't want to tell you what the dreams were...but nightmare is out from the list!

nothing much happen in school..the school was bz with the penyampaian hadiah...and students who were not involve just have to stay in the class..my class have to stay in Pusat Rujukan Sumber..we were suppose to stay in bilik APD..but no teacher came to unlock the room...so..we went to PRS cos the room was widely open for us...the room has many computers...a student switch it on...and after recess..we watched the Grudge...hanif brought the cd...the whole class(not all though)..watched from the start till end...huhu...when the ju-on appeared...all the ppl were like "WHOA!!"...i was a lil bit scared to watch some of the scenes..not that i was a scaredy cat or something..but all bcos i don't want to imagine any ghost's face when i watch the liverpool vs middlesbrough later at 3am tomorrow...atman made us (a lil bit) want to kill him...cos he surprised us suddenly outside the PRS when he appeared SUDDENLY to surprise us..at that time..it was a scary scene...but most of us were shocked to see him did that than watching the scary scenes...huhu..anyway..today was a joy cos the whole class watched the movie together and some ppl always asked me to translate the japanese words when there were times that the japanese ppl in the movie spoke in japanese...i told them i am MALAY...not japanese..haha..
  • currently listening to tegomass' hajimete no asa
  • hani went home early today...haha...
  • wanna change the layout but i dunno which one to choose..
  • saw a news from the tv..i think a girl died but before that she left a comment at myspace to someone that she loves him..(i dunno if i saw this right)
  • still thinking about the unexpected smile~~
  • pls call the lscm,dd..
  • i live with my ipod after i got that earphones...huhu!!..
  • LIVERPOOL vs middlesbrough tonight at 3am at Anfield..
  • skip bio tuition cos pening and nobody to send me..
  • skip account tuition also..
  • rafa benitez said he rejected a 'nice' offer from real madrid..
  • best couple of today,shazizan n atman..haha..

17 April, 2007


a'kum n ello

someone tell me to forgive her..i already forgive her..it's unlike me to not forgive ppl...so..i don't want to remember the bad things cos right now..good things just flow and flow..haha..!!!..

anyway...today...me n all the siti sisters..(i'm glad we have this name..cos the many ppl make me forget who are they) and also MY SIS (she joined us cos she didn't want to go home alone)...went to eat pizza with the vouchers we got cos of the 'cleanest class award'..haha..kewl!...we went there after history club...order 9 personal pizzas...huhu..lucky us cos most of the ppl there in the pizza hut are all the 5Sc1's students..haha...shazizan,atman n others also joined us later...hani was fun with all her funny remarks and cool thing she's so good with my sister...i was very tired at that time..i dunno what to do..my sis always look at the boys and wondering who is taiki...and the ppl there just made jokes between me and shazizan..they said that my sis is his sister-in-law...he is too blur for a man cos he answered"ya ke?"..mental~~

anyway...before that..at the history club...i was bz with writing the reports for the past activities of the history club...oh!..i won the best sajak!...haha...last week..we had to create sajak...i thought mine was sux cos it has too many "aku adalah SAMPAH"...haha..this week..that sajak was declare as the best sajak..and today..we have to deklamasi it...hani didn't win the create sajak thingy...her sajak not even in the top5..but she won the deklamasi thingy...haha..the present was a book...hani laugh at it..but i'm glad..cos it was a sejarah's note...huhu..coolio..i dun need to buy a sejarah notebook..haha...
  • i'm happy..cos someone smile at me..
  • that detail-woman totally observe me and that certain guy...haha..
  • ...
  • still weak...
  • download fall out boy's my heart is the worst,kimura kaela's snow dome,arashi's di-li-li and we can make it and linkin park's what i've done
  • dd,pls call the lscm for me...PLEASE!!
  • sarjie!!..thanx again for the earphone!!

16 April, 2007

finish the homework

a'kum n ello..

i slept the whole evening and i'm still sleepy...haha...but it will fade out after i bathe later...huhu..neway..the whole day was alright without any problems...oh,have i tell you that my 2nd-bro is here?...when he is here,it was like my father is back from Mekah...but still,he will be going back to terengganu tomorrow morning..lor..!...there's nobody to send me to anywhere..!...haish2...

- not really ;p -

anyway...at school..hani was absent today..absent for the 2nd consequtives monday...but there's nothing significant without her anyway...cos the day was pretty much slow and boring cos many students are not in class cos of the raptai penyampaian hadiah thingy...and so...the day not really bz with study...

anyway..when it was bio time...shazizan sat beside me..to be exact,he sat at my place and i had to sit beside him...alyaa(who sat behind us) asked shazizan if there is anything going on between me n shazizan...shazizan said no...i wasn't listening when she asked that question...so i asked alyaa what had she asked...she repeat the same question again...and this time,i answered,"yup,dia sugar daddy kita"....haha..the ppl laugh then...and then later alyaa asked me,"boleh tak aku amik ko nye gula sikit?"...hahahaha...take it if you want,but don't take the money that he has...haha..
  • atman's hand wounded after he played football with shazizan..
  • cos shazizan pushed him and he fell headfirst
  • (that's what i heard and imagine)
  • atman said shazizan laughed when he saw atman fell...it was like"haha,ko ok ke?"..0_O
  • atman also said shazizan rejected his love...lorh~~
  • shazizan impressed me!...he said he knows Bin Laden Group!..fyi,Bin Laden Group is the company that my dad works with right now..and the company is own by the Bin Laden family...(Osama bin Laden's family)...
  • cos his dad told him..
  • and try asking him about this whole bussiness working thing and also company thingy..he knows most of them..and i was in awe..
  • budin,1st time i impressed with you!
  • not bad as my sugar daddy...~~
  • haha...
  • lorh...
  • felipe massa won the BAHRAIN GP..
  • sarjie came to school and he said he already bought my earphones but forget to bring it..
  • emi..this is the kiroro's nagai aida song...the song that make baby sleepy...haha...

15 April, 2007

onsei dream

a'kum n ello..

haha...i just read this person dream...and it was very funny...!!..haha...and also sweet...kinda wish that maybe 1 day you want the person you like to understand you really,really well and know what the hell you're thinking i.e save a seat for you or even pay your lunch bill(something that i really hope will come true XD)...huhu..but i just pray someone like that really exist though...haha...

damn it,alia!..you're a student!..there's no time for you to think about your future husband!
anyway...this whole day..i can say i was doing nothing....NOTHING!..i try read the physic book...k...most of the infos went into my head but let me tell you,i only read leass than 2 pages...haha..!..anyway..i will read it...i just use this time to blog just to let my body to relax after i finish all my eating...anyway...i can say that the whole evening was somewhat a lil waste of my time cos i read hikaru no go on the internet...i read the manga from 5pm to NOW..haha...kk...
  • mak cik azah looks kinda sick..maybe she has a fever..hope her well...
  • emi,at 1st,i thought you were atman when you sent that sms...i though it was him cos he was the only person who always borrow my pensel tekan..haha...(only emi will understand this)
  • download manga Boys' N Girl Volume 1-5...
  • my 2nd bro,haikal,bought me an unoriginal liverpool jersey(not the carlsberg in front,but liverpool)...thanx!!!
  • what happen to world when punk rock and hip hop are becoming sucks n sucks...da..
  • download mika nakashima's glamorous sky

Namie Amuro-Funky Town

akum n ello...

nothing much to say today...cos i want to read physics form4 later...i want to do some homeworks later if my head doesn't feel dizzy..huhu..and the internet today is really boring nowadays..there was nothing in it...k..except when you really have something to search,the internet really is useful...but for the past times,it just useless..but i have to be happy with the internet anyway..i can blog and read the liverpool news...haha...
  • so,arsenal won against bolton but that doesn't bother me much..
  • akmali,here is the link to download namie amuro's funky town
  • download=Namie Amuro's Funky Town
  • currently listening to Angela Aki's This Love
  • that baby,i let him listen to many japanese songs..my cousin said when he grow up,he'll be japanese gangster..so i think she meant it as a yakuza...haha...

boring match

a'kum n ello..

i just awaken from the sleep after 5 minutes++ sleep...cos i was waiting for my sis to end her internet's activities...and also bcos the liverpool match was boring...i mean it,IT BORED ME TO DEATH!

the end of the match was 0-0...liverpool played well and the opponents also...but they didn't create much chances and nearly all the killer passes were unsuccesful pass...it was frustrating!...the man of the match for me was agger...liverpoolfc.tv's man of the match was xabi alonso..at 1st i thought he will be my man of the match..but later..i think agger deserve it more cos xabi made too many mistakes on his passes...the reason of the 'boring' was mainly because of the manchester city's fans...you can't blame the liverpool fans..they sang their hearts out like the stadium was liverpool's stadium,not the manchester city's stadium...even the commentator said u can hear a needle falling...da..how bored i was with that kind of match..hope liverpool will play really2 well this thursday...and also not another boring match for me to see cos it will be a waste of my time to wake up 3.00am in the morning just to watch a boring match..

anyway..my life today was pretty much nothing anyway...me n my sis already finished watching hana yori dango 2...i prefer the 1st hana yori dango...the 2nd one totally below my expectations but it still have the funny scenes that i expected will have in the drama...after that,watch again GTO..1 of the best jdoramas i ever watched...still shocked to see that oguri shun acted in it..haha...
  • i still haven't read naruto chapter 250..the manga becoming boring n boring..da!
  • i miss GOOD MORNING CALL!!
  • forgot to tell you,my group for the Campaign4Reward decided to do TEH TARIK!..hoho..to tell you the truth,i don't really like teh tarik..but i always find it YUMMY..!..haha..
  • download fukuyama masaharu's milk tea,yuna ito's endless story,namie amuro's baby don't cry and funky town
  • kantoi about taiki to someone..but i prefer it as a no big deal because i think it just a waste of time to warn her...and i decided that she won't be my friend anymore if she tell other ppl about it...speedy decision eh~..cos a TRUE friend is a nice person and also someone who are TRUSTWORTHY!
  • ah!lizzie maguire~~haven't see that series for awhile...
  • and hilary duff looked squeky...
  • i let that baby listened to utada hikaru's boku wa kuma...haha...
  • hehe..my pet-bro of mine,mr. hidayat,told me that he already bought the liverpool scarf..haha!..he said i really kept my words about the sms that will i sent to him while he was at liverpool..i sent a sms to remind him about the scarf..and so..i will have a LIVERPOOL scarf,MADE IN LIVERPOOL!...haha..coolio!
  • i told my father to buy me a choc if he wants me to be alright...
  • akmali sat on the pelamin,terkangkang-kangkang...haha!!

14 April, 2007

baby tido

a'kum n ello..

i just want to forget about my previous post...what have my family done to me was something i can't forgive but i'll try to forget it and so eventually..i will forgive it...and so here i just wanna say...never ever try to lose my trust...!..that's all...

anyway...yesterday..ainun still trying to know who is taiki..and to tell you the truth...i nearly tell her who he is...because i was so mad and bengang and want to tell everything to someone...but then later..i got a grip on myself and so..i didn't tell her...haha...anyway...she always guessing the same guy though...and she told the reasons why she think it is him...and really though...just keep on guessing but eventhough i said this..she kept guessing the same person and she said she will observe both of us detailed than ever....and let me tell you something..it is not me who made her think it is him,but it is that guy who made her think that is taiki..but just keep on guessing,dear ainaa athirah...haha..

anyway...this morning..i have to take care a baby when mak cik azah n my maid went to the market...let me tell you...taking care of an 18 days years old baby is harder than a 2 years old...
haish...let me start the story...i have to take care of him..and then my cousin came...the baby was asleep before..but later...he was awake...it was nothing at first...he kept on drinking the milk...but later...when he already done drinking all the milk...he kept on crying..and so..i asked my sis to do another milk..at first..he drank it...but later he stop drinking...and again...cried~~...da...and so..i use my alia-power,u know,try to be nice,patient n again,baik..the baby was asleep later after that...haha...kewl2..!!!!...i know i'm good~~...huhu...
  • keep on guessing,keep on guessing,keep on guessing...(rhyme it like Dory the fish in Finding Nemo)
  • hani,be healthy!!hope u'll be alright..
  • i have to laugh when i see fatin hashim's pic at myspace...haha..
  • nearly finish watching hana yori dango 2..
  • oguri shun!!!
  • when i was mad last night,my big bro said to me that he wanted liverpool at the CL final..i dunno he said it to soften my mood or he really want it...

13 April, 2007

lose the trust

a'kum n ello..

i'm in a very,VERY BAD MOOD...i never feel this SHIT,HATRED,WORST mood ever in my life...i always want to think the positive..i trust things easily cos i thought ppl will be very happy if i try to make them happy..and so..i make them happy..maybe they're not happy but i try..but still..with all the hardworks i make for them to make them happy..i never realize one thing..i never heard this 1 sentence that i really want the most..."THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS MAKING ME HAPPY"...u know something,i have it!..I HAVE IT,I HAVE IT,I HAVE IT!...i always make people happy,and later on they also happy..but they NEVER realize how tiredsome i was for making them happy...to tell you the truth..when i read akmali's blog about her bengang and all...i just hope she will be happy and can face what in front of her with all her might..i just hope she will be happy...and then,when she said THANKS to me and said i am sweet and want *hugzz*...i am TOTALLY happy..u want to know why..cos if i am not mistaken...THAT is the 1st time in my life!!!!!!!!!!...1st time i have a thank you with that kind of way...i felt appreciated with it..i'm happy...!..

let me just say this straight..i hate the ppl who lose my trust...i hate the ppl who lied to me...i hate the ppl who doesn't respect my decision..i really,REALLY hate it!!!...and i really hate it that the only person who lose my trust is my OWN family members....the ppl that i love very much..but then HELL,they make me feel like shit..i always want them to be the happy ppl...i pray for them..i pray that they will be with me in heaven..but now..i am too TIRED....i dunno what to do for them anymore...nothing i wish for them actually change...so..that's already an enough and end from me..
  • hani,don't feel anything..u're not 1 of them...i totally appreciated all of the things u have done for me..thanx!


a'kum n ello..

read arashi's nino's blog...cute!!!!...u want to know what make me surprise?...he went out with someone..u want to know who...EIJI WENTZ..!...haha...anyway..where is teppei if there is wentz?...dun mind..i love WaT..so..if one of them is mentioned...that just so good...

i know there's nothing to blab about..but i told u before in the previous post...I'M BORED...kk..wanna continue what the hell he said about wentz...

-reading nino's blog-

read and read...it just something that nino asked wentz for a meal after they meet up in this singing programme and wentz said yes...but bcos it was a lil bit boring cos it just 2 person only...(cos they only went out for drinks only,if i'm not mistaken)..so..nino asked kamenashi kazuya to join them..it was the 1st time nino asked them out...so..~~

i dunno what to say..

maybe the response is,CUTE?

cuter if he asked teppei along....

haha.ja~ then..


a'kum n ello..

i'm bored...i dunno how many posts i have have the title 'bored'...but i dun mind...cos i said the truth..i am bored.!...anyway...ainun really want to know who is taiki....hahaha...i won't tell you eventhough you want to trade something with me...huhu...

i'm happy today...because no major probs happen...one thing is a major..but i decide not to tell it in this blog...like i said before..i just have to obey it...anyway...my previous posts were at the school's comp lab...i was doing the dugong blog...but it was like,nothing have to be added in the blog..cos unlike other groups...my group's blog already 90% finish..so...i was a lil bored..anyway..many ppl at that time use the opportunity to chat at the dugong's main site...and something funny happen...someone pretended to be atman said that he like shazizan...haha..atman~~we just don't know what his REAL orientation is...

da..i dunno what to say..i'm bored and dizzy...and also blank..haish2...but anyway....tata!
  • ainun-the too-detailed observer..i just wanna say,gambatte!
  • dd,i want that liverpool thing u got...haha...i'm a tak-malu-girl like always..
  • forgot to meet helly to take the choc she wanted to give me..
  • tell u the truth..i don't like add math...i tried to think 'too deep'...but what i got is just dizzy..
  • just hope i get at least C on my add math this SPM..
  • keep aiming for the star!
  • fatin,aqila,which to choose! (haha)
  • shazizan dunno how to spell ainun's url-blog...

lab comp part2

a'kum n ello again..

teacher said we can stay here...if you want!..kewl...so...i said more...

the problems i have with my friends are all settle...nice..!...make me happy..!...i feel secure and lovable...haha....but something happen afterwards....but i just can't say it....haish...this just make me suffocated,AGAIN!...da...a revelation that make me angry n also sad at the same time..haish2 again...da..

anyway...just help afiq's group for his dugong blog...then...shazizan asked about my blog..i told him the url..and he surf..let me just say this 1st,i love my blog and i love to make it long..and when they (afiq ershad joined afterward) saw it...maybe they think the 'long' post bored them...kewl..!...haha...guys just don't like blogs anyway....

da..so hot in this lab...kk...bye!
  • afiq,make a blog later so i can read ur diary...huhu...

lab comp school

a'kum n ello..

haha...i am using this opportunity to use the lab's comp to blog...haha...kewl2...something happen last night...but i can't tell what had happened...sux eh...?...someone told me not to say it...and i have to obey it...haish...but lucky i have my best friend with me to know about it....huhu...


the bell rang...

gotta go!

12 April, 2007


a'kum n ello..

for all the bengang i have...i want to say thanks to 2 ppl...
  1. liyana - for always be there..n also make a fun of it when i nearly explode myself....nice2 n thanx very much!...n dun make dat concern face again..it made me guilty...
  2. 'taiki' - eventhough you didn't know it,but you just made my life happier without even thinking to do it intentionally..cos..it was like you know when i am sad,happy or mad...n very2 thank you!!...especially nice momentos you gave me when i bengang...*(^.^)*
anyway..thanx to others also cos u were there when i was mad...huhu...

nearly settle

a'kum n ello..

so...some of the probs before nearly settle..but when i thought the person who knows me best is the 1st person who will be the 1st person to alright about it..but my thought TOTALLY wrong..!..haish...i thought when i said sorry...it will be alright...and when she said 'it was nothing'...i thought something will be fine...but nope..it becoming worse...if she thinks ignoring will settle everything...that is fine for me...but her ignorance is happen to be selfish to the ppl whom she ignore;mainly,ME!...i'm very sorry to say this to you,ok...but all of this things happen to suffocate me...i tried to make you comfortable by doing something that will make you comfortable...but it just happen to give the opposite effect to you...so..i just dunno what to do...maybe i said having fun,but i didn't say u have to be selfish n not trying to get involve...but u're totally IGNORING me...haish2..

i think i nearly explode..


i feel better...

thanks to liyana for listening to all of my bengangs in this 2 days..u're the best...i just hope u won't see my bengang face again after this especially after i see ur concern face today...n really though..now i know how important farahin is to me...where is she anyway..?..now i remember;she's in this koperasi camp thingy...miss her...farahin!!i want chocolate!!!

anyway..the whole class is totally buzzing about this person...not just the whole class,the whole school knows about it...ppl is thinking to do something to him..but i just hope i'm not one of the person who tried to make bad things to him..especially with his birthday nearly here n all..[oh!where is my earphones?!?!]...anyway..i already experience this bad attitude of his before..so..i don't want to get involve with all of the ppl's plan...TQ!

liverpool won against psv!!..wuhhooo!!...they'll meet chelsea at the semi-final of the CL and the 1st n 2nd leg will be at stamford bridge and anfield..huhu..the latest showdown of the 2 nemesis!..but like usual...mourinho already started the psychology attack...and benitez just answer one thing"i am looking forward for the chelsea clash"...haha...i love that response...it just make me happy to know this kind of person is leading liverpool to be the best..huhu..
  • xabi alonso is becoming hotter n hotter!
  • daniel agger is becoming hotter n hotter!
  • hoho..liverpool have two hotties!!
  • taiki made me thrilled again!!!!huhu...TQ!!!
  • however,something spoiled it....
  • akmali is becoming gile n gile....but i'm happy that she is alright now...*hugzz u back!*
  • i want chocolate!

11 April, 2007

another thing

a'kum n ello...

forgot to say something..i'm a BAD friend..TQ FOR READING MY BLOG...

n for a certain someone who make ppl cry,it's better that 'someone' realize his mistakes before something bad really happen...da..i just hope i'm not involve in this stupid matter anymore..tata!

never thought

a'kum n ello..

just wanna say a few things...
cos i surf the net and saw many things that i surprise me eventhough maybe it just nothing for you..
but i dun mind..this is my blog anyway..huhuhuh..
  • in NANA the movie,the guy who act as takumi,tetsuji tamayama is sooo hot! (*o*)
  • in NANA 2 the movie,the guy who act as shin is Hongo Kanata,the guy who act as Ryoma Echizen in Prince Of Tennis the movie.he looked skinny but tall though.
  • Raul Gonzalez rejected 71.4 million pound from chelsea..maybe rumours...
  • Blake in American Idol sang well..
  • tourists totally in love with Malaysian Food!..
  • Bush to meet Democrats on Iraq founding...can't he just stop all of this things..
  • just found this from the internet,diet is totally not healthy.so,don't diet.

probs and bengang

a'kum n ello...

so...this week is a friends-are-problem week...most of the blog i read are about friends...and this include me...with the friend that change to someone evil who now at a boarding school and now u have to add 2 friends who live beside me that are becoming a problem to me...

both of them are 2 great friends...but this tale of them are just too much work for me..it makes me suffocated..they have different opinions and also different personalities..with their different opinions...both of them just don't want to give up..and let me tell YOU!!!!...i am very mad!!!..anyway..the story~..the 1st friend said something that she was not in a comfortable mode with the 2nd friend..so..i TRY to make her comfortable by doing something..and when it settle...another problem happen...it was like,a SULK!...i don't mind sulk...but if you plus sulk with IRRESPONSIBLE...what is the answer you will get..?...haish...i give you a simple equation...[SULK + IRRESPONSIBLE = CHILDISH + STUPID]...i dunno if i try to make my friends mad at me by saying this or something..but that is not my intention..i just want them to be HAPPY and have FUN!!..both of them think too COMPLEX..!..anyway..about the 2nd friend...let me just say she's becoming too serious...sometimes she tried to be crazy..but it just happen not at the RIGHT time..!!!..haish2...i also want to blame myself for this..maybe because i'm too nice or maybe too hypocrite or maybe too lazy OR maybe too forgetful,i always follow what they want and just shut up if i have anything in my mind but truthfully,the mind has too many things to say...maybe i'm a coward..maybe i have 2 reasons for it..i don't want to see my mad friends' face and also my own-self screaming with anger...in my life...i try not to see my friends mad or sad face or them to see me screaming with anger...

anyway..maybe i'm too cruel to mak cik azah and too evil to her and that's why GOD give me this,MAK CIK AZAH DOESN'T GO TO PARIS...she won't go this night or even this month..she will go next month...i already told my friends if they wanted to go out or something..this week is almost perfect cos i thought mak cik azah won't be home..but this evening..when i had done with my dinner...i asked her when she'll be going to paris..and then she said.."BULAN 5.TIKET DAH HABIS"...u know,ah..sometimes..i think she read my blog and know what i think about her...i don't mind..but still..beneath me,i don't want her to know..cos really..the TRUTH is too damn HURT!

  • i'm a coward..
  • i just hope they won't hate me
  • forgive me,pls! m(-.-)m
  • think of the bright side...taiki was being a GENTLEMENT to me.TQ!
  • akmali,just hope ur life will be better!
  • what happen to as roma anyway..how come they lose 7-1 to the scum~
  • now i love this blog too much..it publicly tell my secrets to the whole world with my permission!
  • i finally got out from the 40% curse of my bio test..my bio test at tuition is 54%..i'm glad and ALHAMDULILLAH!
  • liverpool to win agaisnt psv!..i will always have faith on my team everytime!

09 April, 2007

nishikido ryo's nikki

a'kum n ello...

read nishikido ryo's blog...and why the hell he has to be so funny and also..rude~~...haha...


Nishikido Ryo 3/30

I'm on the shinkansen now.

The shinkansen can be many places while it moves at high speeds.

For example:
small movie theater
bed that isn't flat
comic cafe*
live house**
the view of Mt. Fuji that I've seen the most
field trip spot
meeting room
annoying place
healing place
inorganic place

Things like that.

The shinkansen is sort of mysterious today.

I've been thinking about a lot of things.

"Why's that old guy next to me sleeping with his mouth open? Is he congested?

"Why's that chick keep going out to the restroom? Is she fixing her makeup? No way, that's overdoing it."

"Where's that highway go?"

"Is anyone watching the news scrolling above the door? If no one reads it, isn't it a waste of resources? But then again, it takes so much energy to run the shinkansen anyway."***

"Damn, she's got huge tits!"

"That baby's cute, but I can't tell if it's a girl or a boy."

"The sun that I couldn't see until just now is sinking and now the window looks metallic."

"My parents and siblings are all away, and it's so lonely. I miss my family."

"Ah, we're getting close to Shin-Osaka station, gotta get ready."

"What should I eat?"

"I'm the only person on this train without any luggage."

"What kind of a place will the next shinkansen I get on be?"

There's a lot more, but now that I'm there I have to stop.

For the first time since I started this, I feel like I've embraced the concept.

I'll write again.

Oh, there is one more thing.

This diary is never going to end.

It'll go on forever.

It's ending soon, so I'll be lonely.

But maybe I'll forget this emotion by tomorrow.

But I'll work hard for the people who are enjoying it.

Actually, I don't really have a lot of time to think about it or places to do it.
Even if I try to think of something, nothing comes out.
Well, maybe I'll tell you what I ate today or something like that, I think.

Okay, please come to see me again tomorrow.



Nalan: The shinkansen is the bullet train - the high speed train that goes all over Japan. Also, Ryo wrote "See you soon" in English.

*comic cafe - a place much like a library for comics, except that you can't take the comics with you and they'll serve you food.

**live house as in for concerts

  • haha..
  • sometimes i like to watch what's ppl's doing..
  • especially in the train...
  • or outside the car..
  • cos even when you do stupid things to the outside world...
  • they forget you later on..
  • and i know some of you always watch the human complex behaviour....
  • and don't say that u never think that woman's boob is big...
  • hahahaha...
  • a lil bit perv...but that's a direct and honest me...

***scrolling news - above the door in all shinkansen cars is a news ticker with headlines of that day. It also shows the next and current stops when the shinkansen pulls into a station.

credits to Nalan from Binan no Nikki for this


a'kum n ello..

hoho...bcos of the last blog..ainun asked me the question that i will explode..she asked who is that girl...and then i gave her hints...and she answer it correctly..and she knows!...haha...and after that..she asked why..and i EXPLODE...!!..i told her all of it...emi haven't read my blog at that time...and she asked "what,what,what"...i explode again and explained about what happen for the 2nd times for the day to her...

anyway...the school...in EST,we discussed about the TESAN dugong thingy....some blogs don't even have any name and also the content....it was a lil bit dissapointing especially when teacher always compare us to some form4 class...and she also told us to send the report of the day to her email...da...one thing that i dislike about send homework by email...u have to send it exactly on THAT DAY ie THE SAME DAY U'RE GIVEN THE TASK...so...just few minutes before i started this post,i already done doing the report...this week is not my week to be the secretary of the group..it is atman's week..but he said he was lazy and he asked me to do it..i said yes to him..not becos i feel 'nice' to him..but it was because he already reported about the blog in front of the class..so..let say that we're even for now...he did my job,and i did his...

anyway...just now also...i've done doing the layout for my sub-blog for the TESAN...kinda made me impatient for awhile cos the code was a lil bit unusual..it was not difficult,but it was a lil bit 'lose my patient'....haish2...but i finish it then...not as good as my blog (*-*)..but it was alright..hihi...

read the liverpool news at the liverpool web..it was said that gerrard wants a lil pat on the back from liverpool's manager,rafa benitez bcos of gerrard's contribution for liverpool...rafa benitez never said something like "u're awesome!" or something like dat...he always said"good but do better"...it was a lil bit unsatisfying if your own manager or like us,parents, said something like that when you already give ur best in anything u did...but rafa explained why he didn't say something that gerrard's want was because he can do better than that...and so...if my dad or even grandma said,"dpt no.2 je?!?!nape bkan no.1?!"...when they said something like that,it's better if i just say it to myself that i can do better than that...
  • and that's why gerrard is my inspiration
  • i was surprise that i will get the award for 'pelajar berpotensi' something
  • don't worry,hani..u also get it...
  • and also hani...u have to do the bm's konserto terakhir thingy..
  • and also surf to that dugong web...
  • and also send the last week report to teacher...no delay,buddy!
  • and mak cik azah will go to paris this wednesday and i'm so happy that i won't see her face for 1 week....or maybe more...huhu..
  • but bcos of this...i have to tumpang liyana for 1 week..
  • and liyana,pls wake up early..i don't want to see mr. hakim's face every morning..huhu..

08 April, 2007


a'kum n ello..

the post below was about a certain someone...and when i said someone...i just hope that certain 'someone' will change to something better and realize what had happen...maybe she realize i meant it to her..or maybe she doesn't cos she seldom read this blog of mine...but [i'm so sorry for this] i know there will be some certain someone who feel guilty from what i said..and directly here, i just want to say that maybe i hate some of ur 'change' too...but let me say this without no ill-feeling and just the need of explain...if i haven't say it out loud that i hate it..especially in this blog or in front of you..it mean i except ur 'change' cos it just shows the determination and what u want to be..and this only brings the positivity of it and i don't mind about it...but...this person that i hate the 'change' is someone that WAS precious to me....and i say it that she was sweet [mrs. onsen,u r not a sweet friend;so,dun feel guilty about it] friend and now,she just...CHANGE..!!!!!...

i am very mad when i think about it...

and when u say her name..
maybe i will explode..
but with my nice nature and habit..
i will definitely back her up and say she is nice..-
but beneath me........
i'm mad like hell...~~

  • currently listening to aerosmith's i don't wanna miss a thing
  • 4aWhile

    a'kum n ello..

    just wanna say a few words..

    why a friend of mine have to change from someone sweet to the most poyo-st person in the world? da...

    ok,people said some terrific(and yet;stupid) quotes

    "practice makes people perfect"
    "find a penny,pink it up,forever then you'll have good luck"-i dunno if this is right-
    and the stupid thing i hate most (currently anyway)

    "people change"

    i just hate it..you want to know why..because your precious person change...i know this is a lil bit selfish...but this whole thing of change,it just stupid~...ok...i am totally agree about change to the good side..but change to the dark side???...that is just stupid..and now...this friend of mine already become an ANAKIN SKYWALKER!!....SHIT!...haish...wth this has to happen...and now i reluctantly have to agree that FRIENDS are not really that reliable...thanks to mrs. onsei that i have to agree with this...

    wed alas

    a'kum n ello..

    i haven't blog like myself last friday..cos i don't have the time to blog...and yesterday also the same cos i was at bt pahat....went to my cousin's wedding...that cousin of mine name is kak elin..

    her wedding was held at segamat...her new-husband looked nice...but i heard he is an arsenal fan...so i'm not really fond of him..haha..neway...it was quiet unbelievable to see her get married...cos 4 or 5 years ago,she was being a lil bit of a bitch when she lived at my house...and now that she married,hopefully she'll be a nice wifey..huhu...anyway...the wedding was good with the nice food and drink...but like usual..i dunno most of the ppl there and i got bored...so i played quadrapop;the game in my handphone..with the boringness increasingly made me focus when i was playing the game.i score the highest score in the game with 96 000++!!...huhu...

    n last night..went to the restaurant in front of my nenek's house to watch the reading vs LIVERPOOL match...usually..the place will crowded with indons when we watch the match...butthe indons were not there maybe cos the the usual waitresses are not there...anyway...liverpool played well...the 2nd half was totally nerve-wrecking....me n my maid watch the match like there was nobody around us...hehe..so...we raise a lil bit of our voice..haha...after the match...[LIVERPOOL won 2-1]...and later after that...an indian guy who watch the match with us told me "oh,liverpool fan are u?"...i said "yup"...and he said after that"thursday morning,CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!"...and i replied with totally happy face"hehe..yeah"...cos i dunno what to say...haha....and when i wanted to pay the bill...the cashier asked me"suka tengok bola eh?"..i said"yup"-again...and he said"tgk pagi2 punya bola ke?"..and i said"mestila,tp tgk liverpool punye je"...haha...he laughed then...i'm not embarrass with this bcos that's the true me...huhu...and so i'm happy to be ME,the LIVERPOOL FAN!
    • watch music station just now...ryo pretend to be an innocent *kouhai to arashi...and moto-jun was not falling for that pretend innocent...
    • zutto-zutto n fresh~~
    • fernando alonso won the sepang GP...i'm glad mc laren 1st n 2nd...huhu...
    • chelsea won but man utd n arsenal lose...not **perfect,but still ^(*-*)^
    • naruto's manga is increasingly bored me to death cos the sexy orochimaru is dead..
    • kinda miss xabi alonso when he didn't played last night...but rafa said he was injured cos a kick on the shin..i don't understand that phrase very much...
    • nearly finish hana yori dango 2...
    *kouhai = junior [japanese word]
    ** perfect = i want all the 3 teams to lose and that's more PERFECT!

    06 April, 2007

    lab comp school

    a'kum n ello..

    i'm at school..and emi is bebel-ing to the ppl about the dugong blog...nothing to do anyway...kk now...emi's here..tata!

    05 April, 2007

    boring skool

    a'kum n ello..

    the school is very boring today..it was like nothing had happen...the physic teacher didn't teach us..ustazah also the same...nothing really happen...mostly...it was boring...emi didn't come...a lil bit mad to her when aina told us that we have to send the bm powerpoint but emi was absent...but hani told me that she called emi and emi will send the powerpoint this evening...so...furious decrease..

    anyway...cos i was too bored..i talked with shazizan...nothing much anyway cos he was doing his chemistry...and i'm the person who do all the talking..he knew about my bro and i talked some about my bro's friends and he know most of them...kinda funny when he said that amir,hafiz's lil bro is much more stylo than hafiz(my bro's friend)...and i told him that hafiz just look like a stupid person...huhu...anyway...when i don't have anything to say..i left him alone and then i went to hakim...haha...he was revising add math's form4....and he told me he didn't has anything to talk about..and then i saw these colourful pens of his...and i borrow it and drew something...hakim told me that he was fasting..but he was too hungry so he wanted to eat...but he was waiting for shazizan to finish his chemistry and shazizan was too slow...and hakim said,"if teacher come in,i don't need to end my fast"..and so...pn nurul hana come in just seconds after that and so he didn't need to end his fast...huhu..

    man utd lose to as roma n chelsea drew with valencia...valencia's silva's goal was awesome...!....anyway...man utd said they are confident to reach the semi final and mourinho tried to be positive..so all of all...liverpool is the strongest among these teams cos the scored 3 and conceded nothing and also all those goals are away goals...man,i love LIVERPOOL!

    anyway..i'm too tired now...want to sleep...bye then...

    • keeping a diary is too feminine..but having a blog is not~
    • fatin aqilah change her layout!
    • afiq alias' nenek passed away...Innalillah...
    • LIVERPOOL vs psv next week!
    • hoshi wo mezashite is 3rd in the oricon...tokio's new single is 2nd and 1st is somebody i dunno..
    • shazizan said that 'budin' at that cbox is not him..someone pretended to be him...
    • hungry n tired!
    • and fatin,xabi is very handsome..!