31 October, 2009

photo and me blog bm.

A'kum n ello..

photo of the day:

sorry k. i amat2 bosan.haha.

perkataan plastic amat2 la klakar n unik.saya try menggunakan bahasa ni kadang2 dalam blog,ok?

seriously,bercanggah gile ngan diri saya yg sebenar.haha.

ya,haha perlu ada.itu wajib.bak titik special yg ainaa athirah sahaja ade.

oh pelik.


30 October, 2009

dunno really....

A'kum n ello..

1st day of exam: END!

6 papers left,and this night is like a karaoke night for me.

now i know why that facebook quizzes often ask "what do you always do on Friday night?".

yesterday,i'd say "erm.TV?"
today,i'll say "oh wow i'm FREE"


the past few days, i did that horrible lab reports and assignments. it's stupid really that ASSIGNMENT BEFORE EXAM?? and a MORE THAN 50PAGES OF LAB REPORTS THAT NEED TO BE SENT???

still,i did all of those in just 4 days, and i had muscle cramp at my hands cos of that non-stop writing.and i already sent those assignment and lab reports.YEAY!

and today's exam?
i dunno really what to say.maybe i have to check my words first before i say it. erm....

English was okay. maybe bcos i always blog,IN ENGLISH (with plenty of grammar errors and weird sentence structure),i think i did ok.

Genetics? dunno really. IF ONLY I READ THE WHOLE NOTES,maybe i can say "alia terer~~"
but nope,that didn't happen.


ps: new word: FERNANDO-d!

29 October, 2009

Liyana Sulaiman,you're a red rite?

A'kum n ello..

i found something veryyyyyyyy INTERESTING.....


from that fan section,there's a tiny picture of a Chelsea fan.
or maybe now she already convert to Liverpool?

now i know why Chelsea's facebook page doesn't reach 1million yet. their fans become a Fan at Liverpool's FACEBOOK!

LIYANA SULAIMAN, WELCOME TO THE CLUB!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


A'kum n ello..

i blog.

it''s 6.27am,and i think i have a reason to blog.

you want to know something?

my ex-husband,xabi alonso, that move to real madrid weeks after his 'meeting' with me at singapore, lose 4-0 to a third division club.

his team btw, not him. real madrid lose 4-0 to a THIRD DIVISION CLUB which i couldn't remember it's name.

and i think xabi didn't play tho.or maybe he wasn't in the starting 11. i just found out this news from ........,i forgot where.

so,dear Senor Perez, why did you buy Mr Alonso with 30million if he doesn't even play?
and dear Mr Alonso, you left not because of glory,rite?

and the day Real Madrid lose, was the day Liverpool beat the scum.
what a memory for him,and what a memory for ME.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and just now, Liverpool lose 2-1 to arsenal. i should be devastated, but heck, Aquilani-the replacement of xabi alonso played mighty fine even for 13minutes.

you know, i cried when i saw his pass.

and what a FLICK !blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

thanks for reading my Liverpool rants. i learn this from Rafa Benitez.



28 October, 2009

[notice] 3 weeks,maybe?

A'kum n ello..

hiatus i'll be.
3 weeks;you have to wait for me.
lab reports,sir Nik need.
exam,a thing i have to live.

last but not least:
a pray of Good Luck,i gratefully need.


26 October, 2009

[video]LFC vs scum

A'kum n ello..

watch this!

the roar of the Kop simply make you say WHOA!

care to watch it,dear non-football fans?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

LIVERPOOL 2-0 scum

A'kum n ello..



these people need to learn the MODERN DAY of literature. "don't say before it.say after it.you'll be humiliated if you said before it" facts by Alia Liverpool.


no captain fantastic.

and no beautiful beach balls.haha

Liverpool 2-0 Scum.
my brother slept early,around the 1st half bcos he thinks scum will lose(totally happen) and also cos berbatov played.


it's good,you know,being positive.it's very2 NICE FEELING.

i thank God for this. God made me realize the most important thing in life.ALHAMDULILLAH!

thanks Liverpool for being the one who showed God's sign.AMIN!

next match: Arsenal in Carling Cup. InsyaAllah will win.

notes: i maybe won't blog as often in this 3 weeks,cos of:
  • lab reports
  • bacterio assignments
  • exam.
ta then!

credit image: LiverpoolFC.tv, skysports

my 'MEETING' with Lee Minho.

A'kum n ello..

ok.i have THIS VERY2 GOOD NEWS.but i'll talk about lee minho first instead of fernando torres.haha.

cos i know some people want to know what happen with my 'meeting' with Lee Minho anyway.haha.

so.let me tell you what happen.

1stly,i arrived Sg Wang around 12.30pm. plenty of fans already there. the pak guard there informed me that fans already in front of the Sg Wang Plaza before the plaza even open. and i found out 1 day before the 'meeting' that fans have to buy Etude products worth more than rm20,and they'll get a poster of Lee Minho with a cat.

and with that poster, you automatically have a 'chance' to have Lee Minho's autograph.

anyway, i bought the Etude products alright. i didn't really know what to buy tho,eventhough i planned to buy that compact powder. but it was about RM40++.and i found out that my money(RM40) was missing, so i had to buy a lips concealer,and some eye-nose-lip patch.

seriously,i dunno what to buy,eventhough biore sells nose patch cheaper than that etude house.da~

still, not everyday i'll have a chance to see Lee Minho rite?

after those 'shopping', i got the poster.

so.fast forwarded to 4hours after that............................

the autograph session+product launching was suppose to be around 5pm. then,the announcer said it'll be at 6pm.

then, i talked with the pak guard there.(my talking mode was on).

Alia: pak cik, que ntuk autograph tu kat ne?
Pak Guard: kat atas tu. skarg dah tutup dah pun.
Alia: blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
Pak Guard: peminat2 ni dah datang sebelum tempat ni bukak lagi. kul 7 lebih dah sampai. macam pegi port dickson je.
Alia: hahaha.
Pak Guard: dia (Lee Minho) ni orang korea kan? penyanyi ke pelakon?
Alia: oh.dia ni pelakon. ade drama dia ari tu kat tv.
Pak Guard: ni fans dia ni,pagi2 lagi dah ade. semuanya student ni.
Alia: makcik2 pun ade gak.
Pak Guard: diorang duk kat situ(the concourse). makan pun kat situ.
Pak Guard: tapi dia(Lee Minho) handsome~!
Pak Guard: handsome dia ni~!
Alia: yeah.dia tinggi~!
Pak Guard: (smile)
Pak Guard: dia baru sampai.
Alia: Sampai mana?
Pak Guard: baru je sampai KLIA. ni on da way nak datang sini. (it was 5pm at that time)
Alia: Tak jem ke?
Sarah(a uitm mate of mine): tadi kul 3 tadi pun dah jem dah.
Pak Guard: ni skarg on da way la ni. (sigh)

so.that was the conversation.


suddenly,the fans shouted. 2 hosts appeared. and both of them are chinese. but i thought the male host is that korean comedian,Kim YongMan.hahaha.i was surprised when i saw him.haha.then he started to speak in chinese,and i was like,'oh silap~'

anyway,tup tap tup tap,around 5.40pm, Lee Minho APPEARED!!!!!!

BLOODY HELL HE WAS CUTE.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

ok.he's tall,slender body made him very2 manly and that nice sense of fashion he had just add more to his masculinity.and OH,I LOVE HIS HAIR!

btw,i should mention about the FANS BEHAVIOUR when he appeared.

it was like this:



seriously, he is HOT.

still,changmin is HOTTER.hahaha.

anyway, remember my sister's craziness when she saw TORRES?

her craziness came back. she was shouting like crazy,she pushed me,and i accidentally pushed this chinese who suddenly walked by. i had to apologize to her,and while i expect my sister to apologize to her, she suddenly ran towards the crowd to look at Minho.

i was like blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

then, i went into the crowd, and i think i didn't shout like i suppose to(my fangirl mode wasn't active) so i shouted "LEE MINHO!!!!!!!!!!!" and found out that the people around me didn't even know him,but just 'there' to look that handsome man. then sarah appeared, and we giggled "AWAK!!KITORANG JUMPE LEE MINHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


then, i went to the autograph session thingy.we had to que.

after pushing and pushing,and smelling people's breath and worrying about the sweats all over the body and no more make up, Lee Minho suddenly stood up from his 'autograph' table, and the workers put away the table,and the fans and me included, sensed that, the autograph session already end,and ONLY 20-30PEOPLE GOT HIS AUTOGRAPH.

the fans were shouting "NONONONONO.NOT FAIR." but you know-la, eventho Lee Minho is that bloody rich Goo JunPyo, how could he understand that english words anyway? (jokes intended) . then,the female host asked Lee Minho in ENGLISH "so Lee Minho,do you have any message to the fans?"

and the interpreter told him what she said,and he answered,in KOREAN,smiled and looked around the concourse,still smiling to the audience from below to above,and continue talking in KOREAN,and the fans were shouting "AH~~!TAKDE AUTOGRAPH!!MANE FAIR" and so on.

and the translator didn't even translate what he said.


and Minho bye2 and immediately out from the Sg Wang Plaza.the hosts were talking,but the fans chased after Lee Minho. some people were surprised to see MANY GIRLS CHASED AFTER HIM. and this Malay man said "APE TAKDE ADAB NI????"

surely that guy never see fangirls at the airport yet.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

ok.i might sound NOT SATISFIED,cos i kinda felt that. but i already expected this kind of thing to happen. a fansigning at Sg Wang plaza is totally a no-no. maybe you can bring the not famous people there. but to bring a High Rating actor from Korea to appear in that place,ahahaha,


the brightside:


ps: i was planning to have him autograph the poster with a "TO: ALIA,NADIA,ASYA".da,takde rezeki~.

the good story will be in the next post.it's direct,simple,short and obvious.

credits image: Puteri Emilia's photos@facebook

24 October, 2009


A'kum n ello...

got an invitation card from my neighbour last thursday,i think(the thursday,i mean).

and surprisingly, after 7++years of being my neighbour, she put my MOTHER'S NAME on the invitation letter.

my sister was brilliantly happy when she saw this. i think she might frame it.haha.


ps: some people misunderstand my real 'feeling' toward this tho. let just say, i am very happy seeing my mother's name BESIDE my father's. metaphorically, it's like 2002 is TODAY. in 7years,it always been "Othman bin Ithnin".then suddenly"Othman bin Ithnin & Ainor Azmin". it's like a reminder for us family to not forget our own mother.

i hope you understand cos not all people understand the real reason why i put this.


A'kum n ello..

last semester, i.e during my study week, i had to deal with my physical chemistry's lab reports.

so, the study week WAS A WASTE!!!!! i used the whole study moments in that week just to finish those 3++ lab reports.

however,in this semester,there is NO STUDY WEEK,cos of that H1N1 week.

still, i have about 6days for my next paper,which will be held on friday later. and i suppose to use THIS 6days to study those stuff that'll come out later.

BUT hohohohohohohoh~~~~!!
our dear Sir Roslan gave this assignment: we have to do some research about a certain bacteria. and it should be 5pages,NO LESS THAN THAT.



i also have to do a lab report that talk about bacteria,and it's more than 26pages.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and the due date is NEXT WEEK,BEFORE EXAM.