10 October, 2009

haha.you Chelsea reporter.so,haha.

A'kum n ello..

something that makes me go HUAHAHAHAHAHA~!!

Liverpool FC manager Rafael Benitez has the last laugh over the antics of Chelsea’s Didier Drogba

GAMES between Liverpool and Chelsea would not be the same without Didier Drogba showing his preference for amateur dramatics.

He was, predictably, up to his best – or is that worst? – last Sunday, spending so much time falling on the turf that Chelsea’s groundstaff could have used him for rolling the pitch. His antics became so bad it was predictable that Rafa Benitez would be quizzed about it.

“You seemed to get a bit agitated about Drogba and you’ve made comments about him before – what did you think?” one southern-based journalist asked Benitez.

“Are you from London?” came the Liverpool manager’s reply. After a brief exchange, the journalist admitted that he was both from the capital and a regular Chelsea watcher, which triggered this retort from Benitez.

“Well,” said Benitez with a knowing smile, “you will know a 100 per cent better than I do what Drogba can do.”

It stuck a metaphorical pin in that balloon and squashed the angle that some were looking for; he might have lost the war but this was one battle he most certainly won.

really tho, if that penceramah ask me who is my idol(currently), i'll choose rafa benitez. haha. i have my own personal reason for this.

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