13 October, 2009

Speaking Test:Poverty

A'kum n ello..

i'm in a good mood now. cos my sister is not at home.cool rite?

she's the dumbest girl in the world. she's too stupid that i can't do anything about it anymore. do your own thing,my dear. just follow your stupid mind~

anyway, i had speaking test today. it was nice. when we(KP,Aqilah and Farhan) saw the topic, we were kinda shockedblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com. we looked at Mdm Jennifer "Madam~~~~blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com" and she said "it looks hard,but it's not that hard actually"

so we were given 5minutes to prepare the discussions. our points were mostly common points;charity,donations and job opportunity. these are the way to reduce poverty in the Third World countries, and Malaysia included.

then,the speaking test started.

i did the intro. and then the discussion kinda mixed up. we talked about football,cos we can make charity by doing a football match.and all of sudden,it's about Liverpool vs Perlis. then, we talked about job opportunity. and when we talked about improving the technical skills of the poverty people,bcos they have to be skilled to get a job. then, suddenly, i talked about orang asli,cos orang asli can live with less money,and they live in the forest, but they still can survive.and how could that happen? and so we thought that orang asli still survive cos they have a leader. and so someone from us think that poverty victims should have a leader. and then i said "so poverty victims should make a society;The Poverty People Society."blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com. i looked at Madam,and she was smiling. and then, i looked at my watch,we already reached the time limit (20minute MAX), and so,i asked them which one is the best point? and KP said the Technical Skill Improvement is the best point. then suddenly, Farhan,being a person who loves to give the BEST idea at the last minute, suddenly said "why didn't they have a reality show for poverty people?" and then i said "something documentary+variety bcos that's the new trend right now" and then we said something like "the poverty victims should join a reality show and show their talents. like the Biggest Loser, where people have to admit they are fat,but at the same time improve their life, the Poverty Reality Show will make people admit that they are poor but also will improve their life"

and after that, Madam asked us to conclude,cos we really exceeded the time limit.and we chose the Poverty Reality Show,but KP chose Technical Skills,hence we chose both.

then, Madam said "now, do you find it hard?"
we replied "Poverty Reality Show is not even in our list.haha~~!!"
Madam smiled and said "so don't worry.your marks are high."blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

so,when we went out from the class, we were like "YEAY!!!"blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
i said "Alhamdulillah~!" ehe.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

it was nice.

people were asking us, "what's ur topic?"
i answered "POVERTY"
they said "AH.SUSAH~!"

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.commy group is hot,ok?haha.

ta then!

PS: my exam will start on 30th October,and will end on 13th November.hoho.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


asyachumel said...

hebatlah korang
muet nanti mesti dpt band 5 above! huhu

fareez fadzil... said...


Alia Liverpool said...

dea tu mmg byk.but ble ckp tu cm agk berterabur pun ade da.aha.

but thanks la.huhu.