13 October, 2014


AsSalam n hello.

Dear people who are around me. Childish is ok until you make it annoying.

Like that time when we want to pay for that masseuse for that massage we got?

We all know that someone would pay it for us but then somebody stopped it and said "i'll pay for mine" and suddenly that person also said "he'll pay for himself too"

Way to go for ruin the mood and not telling us about it.

No need to be so sure that you are making this for our benefit. Nope, you are not. Think first who you're dealing with.

Because who that person is determine thr childish annoying meter that you've just started. Because the other guy is a childish person just like you. More or equally annoying like you.

The other person went mad n started made a scene.

And then you'd be smh n all.

Oh yeah.

You two notice who is looking at these stupid behavior? The youngest person which is Me.

The fuck were you two doing? I had to apologize to the masseuse because of you two. She only needed her payment, not some stupid behaviour. Heck, she had just seen you naked body. But she only needed her payment.

You people make me sick. 😠