03 March, 2010

fart morning~

A'kum n ello..

something funny happened this morning.

my brother farted just now.normal thing to do anyway.every people farted every morning.even me.haha.

but still,i was on twitter at that time,n bcos i had nothing to tweet about,so i tweet about him farted:

so i didn't state my brother's name.no biggie.

but still,misunderstanding will always occur.haha.

never i know that there is fartdetector at twitter.hahahaha!

and seriously tho, this fartdetector is not the only one at twitter:

there is also a fart_robot! haha.even FART ROBOT approves that you just have to fart every morning.haha.

ta then!

wanna have my bath! :D

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