04 May, 2010

defending Rafa.

A'kum n ello..

exam still in progress, but still..


remember that depress post? it was gone on Sunday after the defeat against Chelsea [nathan: she rather not talk about it cos she fought with her brother about being such a hooligan in front of the tv]. yeah,defeat is a defeat, no fourth place for Liverpool.ok,don't mind.

still, facebook is an evil place. i saw plenty of statuses about Liverpool. some fans want Rafa Benitez to be sacked, some fans said Rafa is just bad for Liverpool, some fans think Rafa done nothing for the club cos he brought in a bad defender,played a striker as a winger, and other sorts.

and so i commented those people's status,i told them they are some worthless bitches that dunno how to appreciate people. [nathan: she lied. she told that so-called fan "you only see the bad side of his work. who is that defender that can't defend that rafa bought? kuyt played well as a winger, n you said he played out of position. you said Liverpool's midfield is bad,and you blame rafa for that?why not blame gerrard" she told that guy that] and that guy replied "you said Johnson is not bad???what are you thinking??" and i was like 'bloody hell. why must you blame Rafa Benitez if you want a someone like that Ashley Cole the nudist as your player? blame the owners,not Rafa. if the owners have the money to buy good players, Rafa can even buy all the cool players that the fans want. heck, he even can buy Messi!

and so, you ungrateful bitches that blame Rafa, please think wholly. this season is the worst season that i ever seen as a Liverpool fan, but i won't blame Rafa for that. i respect him more, to tell you the truth. with all the pressure he got from the fans and the press, weak people will walk away and join others. but this man, he still stay. he handle the press nicely. he can shut up the whole conference room and made journalists annoyed with his answers. he has the brain and the heart.he knows what he is doing. people make assumptions. with the injury that he got, and the limited amount of players that he have, you think Liverpool can win all the time?

i am a Liverpool through and through. i am a Rafa Benitez fan forever till i die. with some logical thinking and no emotional outburst, you have to admit, Rafa's tactics are really good. however, the players didn't execute it well. Rafa trust them that they can do it, but some players don't have the nerve to take that challenge. that ungrateful Arbeloa said Rafa will not take any risk. yeah, right. rafa bought him,isn't that a risk? he take that risk, and he wants the players to be confident of themselves and do the right job. but sometimes, the players underperformed. people didn't see Gerrard's bad form. his form this season was the one of the worst i ever seen. but people only blame Rafa for that.people blame by saying Rafa is not a good manager cos he could not handle the players well. wrong assumption there, Rafa trusts Gerrard to handle his confidence better, but Gerrard didn't take his trust well.

i hope Liverpool will let Rafa stay. give him the money and give him his trust back, he can make Liverpool champion. no money, and you expect Rafa to win the league in his first 5 years? you gotta be kidding.that is illogical!

and yesterday's morning, i got this facebook message from a Liverpool fan that said Rafa already leave Liverpool,which make me really2 depress cos i kinda believe that rumour. luckily, it doesn't happen,for now.

anyway, players don't want Rafa to leave. Benayoun said he dunno if he leave or not. it's too obvious from his interview that he'll only stay if Rafa stay. and i don't even want to know if Torres stay or not. i don't think he'll leave tho. he got pride anyway. if he leave, it means he is selfish. if he doesn't leave, it means he doesn't have the passion.

i don't care much who'll stay or not. if you have the passion and heart to play for Liverpool, you're good enough as a Liverpool player. that's why i love Liverpool in the 1st place anyway.

....aside from Michael Owen as a cute player...

ta then.



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wandome said...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LzJRbvTJu0&feature=related <- patut tgk ni alia. psl torres. hehe

Alia Liverpool said...

video tu best,ok?

sme pompuan ske gle video camtu.hahahha.