09 October, 2010

Threading is not Waxing.

A'kum n ello..

on this date(refer to the date of this blogpost), i went to Empire shopping mall at Subang Jaya.


went there after i bought my sis's Paramore tickets.(4 tickets,babe~~)

AqilahPrasanCute and AliaBaik were very bored at that time and were clueless on what to do at that shopping mall cos AqilahPrasanCute was fasting at that time,thus i had to eat ALONE at Teh Tarik Place, eventhough the kuey teow and milo ice were brilliant, but eating and drinking ALONE is.....meh~.

anyway, we walked walked walked. we saw this salon and was fascinated by it. we looked at the services that the store provided;something like waxing and taking out hairy stuff.haha.

as a female, we have plenty of insecurities. especially that hairy part on our upper lip. even though the hairy part is only thin and maybe not too obvious or whatsoever, women still have insecurities about it.

and that include ME.


you know, women really hate if they have misai...

and so, we looked at the price for waxing at the upper lip. it was about rm18.oh nice.
then we saw this notice that said 'to ease the pain,rm15 need to be added'. both of us were contemplating after that. so we walked away from that shop tho our mind were fill with "wax for rm18.pain-no-more: rm15.kinda cheap...but......."

and we walked walked walked,went to this tech shop and saw this big Mac desktop and clicked SHINee's Hello mv at youtube and left it playing, and we went to pray and went back to that salon.

yes. we went back to that salon.
and an Indian greeted us.

and so, we asked the F.A.Q:

Q: Hurt?
A: Not so much. if you do at the eyebrows,it won't be as painful on the upper lips.

Q: Wax or Threading?
A: Wax if you want to do the 'down-under'. Threading if you want to do at your face. you still can wax at ur face,but threading is better.

Q: do we need to use the 'ease-the-pain' thing?
A: nope, unless you're doing it at ur private part.

Q: if we thread/wax it, will the thread/wax part become hairier when it grow?
A: nope.it'll be the same.
Q: some people said that if you do thread/wax plenty of times, the hair will grow thinner than before.true?
A: nope,it'll be just like before; the same.

Q: how long will it last?
A: about 3 weeks or a month.

Q: how much?
A: threading only cost about RM10,and RM15 if you want wax,instead of threading.(this is only for the upper lip part)
Q: how about if we also include our eyebrows?how much will it cost?
A: it'll be RM20.
Q: you won't make the eyebrows become too thin, right?
A: no no. i won't. your eyebrows are beautiful. i only need to make it neater.

AliaBaik: so it'll last for 3 weeks. to whom we have to show our clean hairless face?
AqilahPrasanCute: J.Y.J
AliaBaik&AqilahPrasanCute: OK! WE DO IT! THE THREADING ONE!
IndianLady: ok!

so we did the threading. she threaded me first. 

threading is like shaving. except that it totally take out all your upper lip hair,unlike shaving. and she use a thread to do the threading. it seems pain-less when you look at the person who did the threading, cos she did it easily,that even you'll think that you can do the threading by yourself.

so,she began threading my eyebrows. hrm, it wasn't that painful, but it still hurt. it's like million of ants biting your eyebrows. ok maybe not millions. maybe 10 ants. and then she did my upper lip. yes,it was more painful than the one at the eyebrows. i even had to clench my fist to ease the pain.
and then.DONE!

my face not so hairy anymore~~~!

fyi, she only did my eyebrows and upper lip. she asked me why i don't want to do the whole face. i told her i didn't have that much money(at that time). oh, the whole face isn't that expensive. it's about RM50. quite cheap if you compare to other waxing place.

so here i am, blogging about threading. i'm satisfied with that salon a.k.a Glitters...

and if you have hairy face and you're insecure about it, go to this place for cheap please-unhairy-me service. 

and i end this post with this red man that greeted us at Empire Hotel....

mind you, this picture was taken before i did the threading.HAHA.
tata sayang~!


Eireen Camelia said...

aku pernah threading ni masa duduk kolej. buat sendiri memang sumpah lenguh tangan aku kot! hahahaa

Alia Liverpool said...

ko buat sndiri??

Faiza Jee said...

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