01 October, 2010

HIHI.he talked about that Kiss.

A'kum n ello....

you remember a certain video of my favourite Liverpool midfielders?
which video you may ask.
erm.this one.


so you know,THIS was years ago.

when Xabi Alonso was a Liverpool.
when Rafa Benitez was da manager of the club.
when Liverpool won that famous Champions League final,now called Istanbul Day.

and now, if you click this link, you'll see a very beautiful spanish reporter asking xabi alonso something that related with that above video....
(skip to 0:49 to see what i'm talking about)

BLESS. i love that reporter. she was spazzing when Xabi Alonso talked about IT. it's like seeing ME fangirling over some hot stuff~!

anyway, i know you don't understand what she said, but somebody already translated it,and the interview was kinda like....

(some parts omitted)
Interviewer: We're going to change the subject from a violent moment to a romantic one: your kiss with Gerrard. It was so beautiful! I hope you tell me you've celebrated better on other ocassions.
Xabi: Well, it was a spur of the moment thing, but I think it's just a funny anecdote, he came to me...
Interviewer: Keep in mind it was him.
Xabi: But well, I answered.
Interviewer: Would you do something like that again?
Xabi: No, you don't prepare for that kind of thing.

(some parts omitted)


ok now.tata!

ps: remember,i was a Mrs Xabi. and i'm not someone who fall for a new man easily,HAHA.
another ps: oh yeah,about that Mrs Shim.........

source: ontd_football@LJ
video: 1111scream@youtube