27 October, 2010

he has a gilfriend.

A'kum n ello..

so the KPOP world already know about this certain shining guy dating a certain unknown woman (yeah,i dunno her.who is she btw?).

and so fans are crazy cos this kind of thing rarely happen in the KPOP world. i mean,RARELY for an idol with another celebrity together, and not just that,young idols too.

I,a Cassiopeia through and through, should not mind about this much. but apparently, i mind it so much i think my heart just beat 1beat/sec, which is not a good thing.

i have to admit that he is a good looking man which a short body and with a powerful voice and i think i might HAD a celebrity crush on him. but then i saw Minho,and my life is like full of rainbow and had this thought "who the hell is Jonghyun?"

and so, when the news about him(Jonghyun) dating a very slutty woman (in the eyes of MiezahSkeMinho), i have to say, "lucky me.it's not Minho"

and dear Shin Se Kyung...
some part at Korea have this group of fans that hoping you'll be like this:


note from blogger: all the pictures here are not hers.and she is not a killer.and she is far from Korea.


AdlineLime^-^Tea said...

alia~i also dunno this girl~
hahaa~they will eventually realize that THEY SHOULD NOT REVEAL THIS!!!

all the best to them tho~

p/s: HELLO..i can feel my heart aching while listening to the song + typing this comment~T^T

Alia Liverpool said...

hahahah.i dah tukar lagu baru.


u dengar ok,sayang?hahaha