04 November, 2010

minor really.

A'kum n ello..

i'm seriously tired right now. and it's 2.08pm.

last few days were kinda mix feelings for me.

yeah, my dad got back from Korea after his convention at Busan and also some visits at Seoul. and there were some GOOOOOOOD STUFF that he bought and brought for me...

*ehem* Siwon's shirt.

the memory card reader is crazy right now, so i can't upload all the stuff that he bought and brought for me. but oh well, it was really really NICE.

and oh. i have 2 SNSD posters. ANYBODY WANT? give me a reason why you want it.haha.

then, there this good news about Liverpool. i still don't like the way Roy Hodgson handling himself as a Liverpool manager.he said some stupid stuff about his own players which is logically not what you have to do to become a good manager. DA~. but oh well, Liverpool is winning right now, which is good.

but seriously Hodgson, please stop talking nonsense during the press conference,ok? my hatred towards you got 11 LIKES at facebook.

oh well. now that you apologize to Rafa Benitez about your nonsense, i'm giving you some chance.hoho.



stupid MSG.

man, now i really hate maggi. i've been trying to avoid aji-no-moto now.


maybe that's all.

tata you~


asya yaacob said...

sila buat contest utk menang poster snsd


tak sabar nak tgk baju siwon! hehe

Alia Liverpool said...

haha.akan saya buat itu contest.

n ntah ble la akan upload dat baju siwon tu.after exam kot.aha