12 November, 2010

bill:RM488.never use it.how come?

A'kum n ello..

i slept at 6.30am today.

and i planned to wake up around 12pm-2pm.i planned to have a 7hours sleep.

BUT! a call from an unknown number reached me.around 11am,i answered that call cos i thought it was from my practical place.



so they called me. and i was sleeping. you know how grumpy i can be when somebody disturb my sleep.

about 3 years ago,around my 2nd semester at uitm shah alam, i got this FREE sim card from U-Mobile people at PKNS. as that thing is free, i took it without consideration even though they asked for my i.c. i thought the sim card was a prepaid card, so i don't really care much about it.

then,i used that sim card. ah,how nice.I CAN'T USE IT.no line. the sim card was a wreck. so i don't really care much especially that i got for free.

then, a bill came. it said i had to pay about RM88 i think. i ignored it. i didn't use it.i thought they'll terminate it.i never sign any contract that i had to pay it.

anyway, 5months later, no bill came. Good.

but then, 3 years after that, which was this morning, a U-Mobile guy called.

oh man.

he told me that i have to pay the bill,which is RM488. i told him i never use that number,so why must i. he kinda shocked. but he still ask me if i can pay the bill. i told him "WHY MUST I???I NEVER USE THAT SIM CARD. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE DID I PUT IT.WHEN I HAVE THAT NUMBER,I TRIED TO USE IT, BUT OH NO, THE SIM CARD WAS A WRECK. and WTH,A BILL???"

yes. i was MAD.

i also added that i got it free from street sellers that wore u-mobile tshirts.and that guy was shocked,again.

oh man.

anyway, he was kinda nice. he told me to do a report police. and then took it to a nearby u-mobile center.

nice. this is why i hate free stuff.

you know, i never been to a police station before this. so i seriously hate this.

so i said ok.

and then he told me to take his number and he gave me his name......

as i was toooooo sleepy and pissy at that time, i couldn't catch his name well. i mostly use my brain to think logically, not to think thoroughly.

i mean, the way he talks didn't even look like a Chinese or Indian or non-Malay people. how could i expect his name to be...Julian.

when he said his name is Julian, my logical mind asked him "what????zailan?jailan??joelan??"


oh man.

and right now, i don't have a car to go to the police station, or even a friend/sibling to be with me there.

it's not really a good thing when you finish your exam early. -____-"

ta then.

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