05 November, 2010

LIVERPOOL 3-1 Napoli

A'kum n ello..

a POSITIVE LIVERPOOL post that you haven't seen in a LONG time.


1st half was horrible.my brother,who is a Scum fan was watching it with me. i dunno how embarrassed i was when Liverpool played dat badly in the 1st half. the tactic was wrong, n the passes were just bad, and the attitude........

aiyo the attitude. it was SOOOOO WRONG.

and when the half-time whistle blown, i slept. i just couldn't bear it.

i missed the start of the 2nd half.

but i woke up around the 68th minute. then Gerrard equalized with this kind of goal:

see that keeper's face. 

with Gerrard's goal like that, the attitude of the players increased to something good. Napoli played badly and Gerrard eventually made a hatrick.

oh. the Liverpool owner and his hot wife were there. lucky them, they saw a hatrick from Gerrard; totally show the brilliance of Captain Fantastic.

and dear Roy. the outcome of this match didn't happen because of you. it was Gerrard who made Liverpool win. you just some old person who put some tactics that even someone like me could guess the weakness. 

ok now.

been watching dramas the whole day. have to study later.


You'll Never Walk Alone~!


KeCiK said...

Gila awal update. Nice!

Jangan lupa semayang jumaat kang!

Captain Dynamo saved the day.


Alia Liverpool said...

mate,I'M A FEMALE!

mane smayang Jumaat.aha.


KeCiK said...

I was sarcastically saying that dude.

YNWA balik!