11 November, 2010

BOYFRIEND NO. 78986876868

A'kum n ello..

ok i'm bored.



MY BOYFRIEND NO. 789868768685.


you dunno him?

do you ever watch Hana Kimi?
the Japanese version. not the Taiwan one.
if you remember, there was this guy, with curly hair. if i'm not mistaken, he was the athlete guy n the person that people always ignored the most. i'm not really sure.
oh. his character in Hana Kimi was Sekime.
you know?haha.


anyway, he wasn't really my favourite when he was in Hana Kimi. cos my favourite in that drama was Oguri Shun(obviously,as he is my boyfriend no.5,higher ranking than Mr Okada here).and i have to admit, i suddenly fell in love at first sight after i saw this picture of him at OurHour's LJ.


i love him. ignore Aoi Yu who was standing beside him in the picture. it's 2.32am right now,i don't have the mood to even 'scratch' Aoi Yu's face.(btw,i think she's the most beautiful Japanese woman i ever seen).

oh Masaki Okada. i SUKI you!

and don't u shake ur head to reject me.

ta you!


asya yaacob said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaa suka tengok dia! Hahaha comel!

Alia Liverpool said...

saya terer pilih laki~hahahaha.