26 October, 2010

he has SEXY shoulders.

A'kum n ello..

if you notice, everything that i tweet seldom appear appear in the blog as i prefer not to repeat what i say.

but oh well, maybe things will change anyway. cos i really can't forget the existence of this picture:

thanks God.

i seriously love this creation of person called Kim Jaejoong.
and also to his mama n papa that had a passionate night n gave birth to this guy here.

i seriously salute you.

and i don't think he did any plastic surgery before this, so i won't say thanks to the surgeon.HAHA.

oh hail to the mighty mjjeje~!!

you know, i was too excited, i even sms-ed to MimiSukaNickhun about this ex-boyfriend of her.HAHA.

now i'm waiting for Yoochun n Junsu to upload the same kind of picture.HAHA.this is when men need to be competitive.

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