29 September, 2010

[edit] JYJ showcase.confirm when where eh what?

A'kum n ello...

the news about JYJ's Malaysia showcase already out.....

click the image to see the real picture of the seatings.
click here for the news about the showcase


instead of a fanmeeting, they change it to a showcase instead. oh well, whatever. i don't care. it's not like i can see Changmin.....T-T

so as you can see from the picture, it'll be on Sunday,the 17th October at 2pm at Bukit Jalil Stadium.and if Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun suddenly can speak English fluently or the whole crowd understand Korean or Japanese or Konglish, the showcase maybe will end at a little bit later.

as Aqilah still didn't call me even after she said she'll call me around 15minutes(and now it become 2 hours), i just blab to Miezah about this.

fyi, both me and Miezah are Changmin's fans. so when we found out the ticket prices for the VIP is RM800, and the benefits are photograph together with the members ALONE(update)the change it JYJ&10fans per pic),and not in a group picture like AsyaPrasanComel's funny group picture with BEAST ,so apparently it's a group picture just like what AsyaPrasanComel had with BEAST. so we were like "why NO CHANGMIN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" "oh.ok~"

and so we settle for the RM250 ones. cheaper than what we previously plan to buy, but at least we can enjoy the showcase.

as you can see from the seating map above, you should know why i didn't choose the RM300 one.

if you still don't know why i didn't choose the RM300...
it's FREE STANDING la macha.

and you know how horny fangirls can be when they saw Jaejoong's pretty face, Yoochun's adam apple or Junsu's sexy dance. i had a free standing experience at BEAST's showcase before and it was soo horrible that i don't even think the show was even good.i can't even enjoy myself.

so i'm going to ignore the temptation of not seeing these JYJ people up-close, and choose to buy the seats at RM250 place. cool~

oh. Aqilah called me just now. she really wants that RM800. obviously cos her bias is among the SM traitors.i understand her feeling. if Changmin is among JYJ, i'll definitely buy the tickets. a photograph with Changmin is like a wish come true for me. so i can understand what Aqilah feels right now.

so if only Changmin hate SM and join JYJ and become JYCJ instead~~~~ T-T

i told Miezah that if Changmin is around, maybe we just spend our money on that RM800 instead..and Miezah replied me with this:

 "got da same thought as u.but you know,Tirah(miezah's friend) is a Jaejoong's fanatic.maybe later aqilah will take a picture with Micky,Tirah will take a picture with Jaejoong.and YOU(Alia) will only have your picture taken with ME" -Miezah.

Miezah, as funny as it reads, that really really is sad~~!!

oh well.

RM250 then. i just hope i can enjoy the show. i think i maybe will cry cos thinking about the whole TVXQ again. oh well, tissues please~~~~ T-T

ta then!


asya yaacob said...

sempat gak nak selitkan nama asyaprasancomel tu! HAHA

tp mmg best gila la kalau dpt yg 800 tu
dapat tngkp dgn sorang2 tu
hahaha maveles.

Alia Liverpool said...

haha.dh tak jd posing sorg2 dah.

skarg kalo nk posing ngan JYJ,kene 10org/pic.so same jela cam BEAST nye tu.haha.