14 September, 2010

Raya wish.Laptop tata

A'kum n ello...

i know it's da 5th of Syawal(is it?) so i wanna wish.....

forgive me,forgive others.
lets start a new life with a new book.
open a new page, forget the old bad dramas, and start a new happy drama.

don't expect a post about Raya from me tho. 

my laptop's charger gone X_X. there's no power for the laptop to be alive anymore. and now i'm using Haikal's laptop. i'm grateful of him cos letting me use this laptop but still, i can't rely on him too much.

(oh oh.Amin is nagging to me about the laptop.saying i didn't take care of it nicely and all yada yada.lucky got this mixstyle.HARHAR)

i was planning on doing my lab report, and the lap report need to be done by typing instead of writing. so yeah....

no power.
just my luck.

oh well. i have to search for other option. 

my dad is in bad mood nowadays. maybe i have to use my money to buy a new laptop. 

new laptop: no fanmeeting after this.i don't have money. T-T

ta then.


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