19 September, 2010

letter to Mr. 5100

A'kum n ello..

i know i haven't blog like i usually do.

last time, i have 1post/day. now,i have 1post/2weeks.
major difference there.

like i said, i'm busy. but that is not the only thing.

my laptop is dead....

R.I.P dear DELL Inspiron 5100.
 people cursed you whenever they touched you, and now you're dead, nobody cry for you,except me.

i try not to look at other computer, and patiently use you until you die. 

when something gone, something good suppose to appear. i'm sorry, DELL Inspiron 5100. your death just gave me misery. i had to delay my lab report because you suddenly went brain-dead just when i had the mood to use you for that important thing. my life became miserable.

now DELL,i can't use you anymore. Don't you worry though. i still haven't found your replacement yet. the fact that my father just too clueless to know how important a computer is for me and my life and my education, he just think it's useless for me to have a computer now.

STUPID i tell you!!

ok.tata. i don't want to care about your death anymore. i have more things to do with A COMPUTER and you being dead just not helping it.

ok that was a letter for DELL Inspiron 5100.dead.

the main thing i wanna say right now is this:
i don't think i can blog much after this. using my brother's laptop is not that fun. it's not....MINE.

so now,tata.

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