05 September, 2010

talks #190?

A'kum n ello..

now i'm at home.

HAHA.home.i'm always home. i'm not like some people (*cough* AsyaPrasanComel,AhHin,EmiliaGendut *cough*) who live in a hostel or renthouse and have to say "yeay i'm home!!!!!","saya sudah pulang" or "saya kat rumah!!!!". but still.....


anyway, i have some things to blog about. one of them is the iftar with my long-long-time friends when i was in religious school (erm,Sekolah Agama,SRA?).

don't know when will i blog it. i'm waiting for Halimah to upload the pictures at facebook, so i can blog about it clearly later.



Raya is in 3/4/5 days. (srsly,i'm not sure when is the exact time.i don't really look at the calendar). and truthfully, i don't even feel any excited feeling for that day.

again,blame Microbiology.
when i'm busy, i don't even have time to watch ANYTHING.
when i'm free, i'm too lazy to do anything.
blame blame blame that subject.

anyway, about Raya.
(it's Eid Fitr in english.)

erm. i think i'll have plenty of angpow for this raya.

Amin said he'll get bonus for this raya, so he'll buy us(siblings) some stuff or maybe give us some money. and maybe some cousins of mine who already have jobs will give us(me) money too. .....

and i'll have RM300 a month.....

so this September,i'll have plenty of money.

i'm not sure if Gackt is happy or not happy.
i'm happy with many money,but not happy with.....

but with the current condition,especially with Lab Reports need to be done, and exams and notes to do, i don't think i even have the time to enjoy anything...............

ok. i lied. i just download My Girlfriend is Nine-Tailed Fox drama.
and i'm planning to download Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Mischievous Kiss.
(1st plan:don't want to download Sungkyunkwan Scandal,cos KBSWorld will show it.but then,i think i'll be too busy cos of exam,so might be better if i download it anyway)

still, i don't think i'll have the time to go shopping or watch any movies.

(so if you people are thinking of me treating you some food or stuff,NOT A CHANCE.push that thought aside~~)

oh well.

i want to watch Running Man.tata!!!


asya yaacob said...

saya di rumah! HAHA

Alia Liverpool said...

saya always di rumah.HAHA.