08 September, 2010

family and JYJ coming.

A'kum n ello...

today is really a messy day.
why?cos Amin said so.
"napela terabur sangat korang ni??"
he said that. which in English, it means,"why the hell you people are so...MESSY?"

oh well.i don't really want to care much about what he said. i think it's really amusing to see him lose his temper like that which was evidently comes from his mistakes,but he was too ego to admit it,so he blame us;the late-to-wake-him-up girl,the internet girl and the computer-boy.


anyway, the day still continue. my dad kept calling me about where to dine for our iftar cos we haven't iftar outside for this Ramadhan yet, so he asked me and my sis where to eat for today's iftar. like usual, i said the same word "Alia Tak Kisah" cos seriously i don't care. i asked my sis, she said she wants Chilis cos she doesn't like buffet stuff. "eat less pay more.why the need" or so she said.

so in the end, after ideas like Chilis (not a chance), Nasi Arab at Seksyen 7 (change at last minute) and Kelab Shah Alam (No at the thought cos my maid already start her cooking), we finally conclude that we just have our dinner at our elite home in Seksyen 9.

(elite, cos the newspaper that wrote the article about my dead(late)-neighbour who got into the news cos of murder-cum-suicide case said the Datuk lives in an elite neighbourhood at Seksyen 9. fuiyo~!)

and also, the news about JYJ is coming to Malaysia.


oh, who is JYJ? JYJ is the initial of 3 people from DBSK. Jejung, Yuchun and Junsu.

truthfully, i don't like them. i like them in DBSK, but i don't like them in JYJ thing. i don't care who is at fault, SM or them or whoever. all i care, WHY OH WHY they have to perform as a trio instead of the whole DBSK? why????

still, the main thing. will i go? obviously, i'll definitely go. eventhough i have this urge to boycott the trio. i even have this urge to buy some eggs to throw at them for their idiocy. but who am i? i'm a fan. as long as i can see my beloved DBSK, may it be 1 of them instead of 5, as long as i can see them, i'll be grateful as a little girl that got it LUNA colour pencils. seriously.
(yes, i love LUNA colour pencils. i still want them).

as i know that AqilahPrasanCute is too lazy to even have facebook, or too busy with youtube, i'll snapshot the JYJ thing here:

venue: not sure yet.
hopefully, it won't be KL Live, cos CN Blue and MBLAQ maybe will do their stuff at KL Live. oh please not there. i really hate KL Live. i'm not even happy when i saw Doojoon's up close.

time: october 16

a good thing. cos it's not too close with the final exam. HOWEVER, Redstar is negotiating for the date to be change to November,instead of October. that is good, AS LONG AS IT'S NOT ON THE 1ST 2 WEEKS OF NOVEMBER.

time: 7pm to 9.30pm.
night time. 7PM. so you can expect the show to start at 8pm. -_-"


oh well. eventhough there is no Changmin and i'm hating this JYJ, i'm Cassiopeia after all.


this is sad....

ta then!

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