28 September, 2010


A'kum n ello..



firstly, i got the answer from SIRIM; about my internship application at that place. so the answer was a....


which in English, it means "REJECT~!"

i kinda...sad? crushed? i got rejected plenty of times before this (tho not bcos of love so haha that) but i kinda like have this feeling of "aih~~now have to find other places~~~~"

if only SIRIM gave the answer early.or before raya,so maybe i can feel more secure now.

maybe i should blame my CGPA cos i think my CGPA really is low, and maybe that's the reason for the "TIDAK MEMENUHI SYARAT".  but if i blame my CGPA, can i even change the whole situation? i can't change my past stupidity. it already happen.

now i dunno where to apply. things are too hard right now.if only there are personal labs at Shah Alam.things maybe will be easier.

oh well.

ps: V.I.U !

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