06 September, 2010

Bom Dia!

Bom Dia!

ok. you maybe(or not) recognized that the usual greeting of A'kum n Ello does not appear in this blog entry, but instead i put Bom Dia as the greeting.

if you are Portuguese, please be quiet, and just read the whole entry and say "oh yeah?Malay have different meaning???".

and if you're Malaysian, and you don't know the meaning of Bom Dia(in Portuguese), read on.

but if you're Malaysian, and you know the meaning of Bom Dia(Portuguese), erm.....read on?

anyway, as a pure Malaysian (tho my late-late ancestors were Indonesian but who didn't?), i know some modern Malay words.

modern Malay words like Rempit, PAS(not Plaza Alam Sentral), SACC (as in Sek,not S.A.C.C) Mall, T.S (not Times Square), Pavi (not Pavillion) or Balak (not boyfriend) are the usual thing that i heard in this modern Malay era. oh, i didn't use most of this words tho. i'm still an old time person.

anyway, because of this modern new Malay terms, i saw plenty of weird words at facebook n twitter,(tho it was mostly in facebook hence the lack of visit at facebook). and sometimes, i saw this word from some Malay people, that i obviously know they're not talking in Portuguese....

the words are: Bom Dia.

as a Malaysian, you know what's the meaning of Bom Dia.
yeah yeah, "Letup itu Budak!!"<----- bad choice of words, i know.
"Letupkan Dia!!" <-----read Malay words

anyway, some annoying kids will always use this word to annoy some people. you know, trying to be cool and said "BOM DIA!!!" and they're not referring to some Portuguese greeting, but instead saying it like they want to make a hard life to some people.

and yes.

Bom Dia is a greeting in Portuguese.

don't believe me?

Lucas Leiva (that Liverpool player that i kinda hate) use Bom Dia in his tweet.
i thought he was talking in Malay.HAHA.

i checked google translate. as Lucas Leiva is a Brazilian, i checked the word in Portuguese. i know most of you think Brazilians use Spanish language instead of Portuguese. (i know you~~~~)

so i checked Google Translate...

Bom Dia is Good Day!


nice one~

tho the Portuguese people that come to Malaysia should not say those words to some Malaysians. they'll think you're a terrorist.....

example: conversation between Cristiano Ronaldo and AliaBaik.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Bom Dia!
AliaBaik: stupid Ronaldo. you wanna bomb me first? wth. who do you think you are? you stupid ugly manwhore.

or Cristiano Ronaldo and a Mak Cik.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Bom Dia!!
Mak Cik: Apa bodoh orang ni nak bom aku????raya2 camni nak bom bom orang.tak cukup ke mercun tu.Harap muka je hensem.

the end.


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