08 January, 2010

start of the new sem.

A'kum n ello..

i dunno why i felt like i haven't blog for a long time.



anyway, no class today. unlike yesterday, which i skip the whole day bcos i don't want to give problems to some people, today doesn't have any class cos Friday only have lab, and lab won't happen in Week 1.


so, nothing much i did nowadays except watching some dramas, surf the net, download videos n songs. other than that, i'm just being the same thing.

to tell you the truth, nothing much happen in this new semester. apart of KP jokes with us like she never look at us in an ignorant way, she still the same old KP that loves to do stupid jokes.

and she said "dough is pink"


and also, Mdm Amaliawati and Mr Othman from Semester 2 are back as my lecturers, and also Mdm Noorfatimah(i kinda forget her name,dunno if this the correct name) from Semester 1 will also teach me in this 4th Semester.

and let me tell you the name of the courses that i'll be learning this semester:

  • virology,
  • mycology,
  • microbial physiology,
  • instrumental chemical analysis,
  • statistics of technology,
  • molecular biology,
  • economy.

cool eh?

and my lecturer said,among the courses that i'll learn in Microbiology, virology is the easiest one.

and i already forget this one key word: NUCLEOCAPSID.

i remember.........

anyway, my brother is in the same campus as me, and he's currently studying finance,and his faculty is not that far from me. so maybe we'll meet at the bus stop at H.E.P if he park his car at Padang Kawad.

and bcos he was a UiTM Dungun student, so he kinda lost when he's in Shah Alam.

and so, he have many complaints about the Main Campus.

it was kinda childish really. something like "HILLS" "HILLS" "HILLS"

after 1 month, you'll forget the hills, and just care about wearing the most comfortable shoes that ever existed in the world.

oh, i like this semester. did i mention that?

apart of Thursday being the busiest day in the week, this semester is kinda good. the best of all is; NO CLASS ON SATURDAY!

yes. what i love most is AN EMPTY WEEKEND.


ta then!


Dayya said...

i have a same issue like ur brother. hahah. hills hills hills T_T and lost lost lost :S

Alia Liverpool said...


already expect dat.

nvr expect about the lost tho.

u're refering to the lecture room?haha.

oh,awk amik pe btw?

Dayya said...

hahah. i'm taking the same course. computer science jugak. hurm, bkn lecture room je. sume2 la. sbb fac kte ade dua building. so cm, kjp2 kt building nih, then sesat kt building nih. hahaha. br 1st week kn. huhu. fac awk ktne eh?

Alia Liverpool said...


kt ade 2 kawan amik course same. 1 person amik since 1st sem, another person amik just cm awk.haha.

name diorg emilia n najwa. tak sure same klas ke pe,but amik comp sci la.haha.

Dayya said...

puteri emilia? dy kwn ngan kwn kte jugak. najwa? hurm, dy duduk sec 8 ke? b4 nih dy uitm melaka? kalo najwa tuh, mmg same je kelas. tp emilia tuh 2 kelas je same :)

Alia Liverpool said...

oh yeah.najwa tu.n also konfem bdak ni pun rapat ngan najwa gak,haniyana. dia pun kawan kt gak.

tho malas dh nk contact diorg ni sme.

Dayya said...

haniyana? hurm, i'm not sure. tp ade je name hani. tp x sure full name dy. tp hani dlm kelas kte tuh ske korea jugak. sbb time kelas multimedia duduk sbla dy and the lecturer suruh google random pics and dy google GD. hahah. so tego pn sbb korea. sengal je. tp tatawla kwn awk ke x. tp dy pn duduk sec8 :)

Alia Liverpool said...

oh btul la tu. dia la haniyana.glad to know dia orite.