11 January, 2010

something that u should support

A'kum n ello...

In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer. 93% won't copy and paste this. Will you?

got this krysyuy@LJ.

bcos my mother was a cancer-victim, so i think i should put it at my blog.(eventho the person said "post this on your LJ")

nice thing to do especially that 21st January is around the corner tho we can't celebrate her birthday this year cos my father won't be home, but never mind. there's 29th January to look forward to.

so now.

if u know someone who had or had cancer, try post this at ur blog or LJ. will u be among the 93% or the 7%?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

ta then.


Anonymous said...

speaking of which..when u're planning to do the check up? ajak ica sekali...?

Alia Liverpool said...

dunno.tatau kat mane nak buat.