21 January, 2010

NexG and her.

A'kum n ello...

i think i haven't updated the blog as usual as i used to.

anyway, nothing much really happened nowadays. people already know that i bought the Super Junior ticket, and the tickets are with aqilah right now cos she's more reliable as a person who take care of parking tickets, movie tickets and also CONCERT TICKETS.

me,on the other hand, are only reliable to my family cos the my family members are not really that disciplined(FACT!)

so, what really happened nowadays?

i'm not in a good term with this one friend of mine. i think people already know that i'm not in a good term with a certain SOMEONE. but to be honest, there are TWO.


i think i should stop this 'friends' topic now.

oh2. i registered the Ambank NexG Prepaid Mastercard. a friend of mine suggested to me to apply this card if i want to online shopping. by the way, i have to wait for about 4 days for Ambank to activate it cos they couldn't activate it on the same day, and also, i have to wait about 3weeks for my PIN number to arrive.

and it was kinda funny and ridiculous when i applied the card.

i asked the person at the counter about NexG, then she told me to ask this one lady. so i asked that lady. then that lady asked a friend of hers to help me. then a young man took care of me. i asked him about PayPal, then his lady colleague asked me "PayPal?pe tu? Akak tak update pasal mende ni"

seriously, the government should spend their money more on IMPROVING THE KNOWLEDGE than some big budgets on 'dot dot dot'.......

anyway, because i have to wait for the activation and all those sorts in about 1month, i can't really online shopping right now. lucky me, cos i dun have anything to buy right now,as i really don't have any money for all this stuff.

the reasons i'm even thinking about online shopping are:

  • i MAYBE can buy Liverpool stuff!
  • i can buy Kpop and Jpop cds easily after this. YesAsia the best for this one cos you don't need to pay for the shipping.
  • MANGA!

ok now. enough of the Card story.

i'll change to another topic.Mdm Amaliawati.

so we had lab session yesterday. had this one assessment that students have to do in front of her, that is, aseptic technique while using the micropipette and pipette,individually.

before she start, she asked someone to volunteer to be the 1st to be assessed. i looked around. i already practiced. and nobody really want to volunteer. and i better get this done early or else she'll get mad or something like that.so....

i volunteered.

and whoa, i was nervous. my hands were shivering. i tried not to look at my lecturer. i just did what i must and what i know. the lecturer didn't say anything. then,END.

she didn't give any comment. she just said "NEXT!"

and after that,i hoped that i could leave early, but unfortunately,it didn't happen. we had to wait for the whole peeps to finish the assessment, and then,end.

in the end, the class that suppose to end at 4.30pm,end at 5pm.

cool eh?

and she also said this one unique thing: DON'T PLAY TWITTER.


ta then!

ps: follow me at twitter,cos i tweet more often now than i blog.


asya yaacob said...

aik asal dia kate jgn main twitter?haha

Alia Liverpool said...

ntahnye.dia kate skarg ni "study jek.no friendster,twitter" haha.