07 January, 2010

Jakarta [day5:FINAL]

A'kum n ello..

better i blogged about my final day of Bandung-Jakarta now. cos i don't think i'll have any mood to do it later.

and btw, i'm not really in a good mood to blog anyway. hohohohohoho.

ok.ignore the crap.



guess what no-S mean?

the morning on Monday, the 28th December was quite noisy. not noisy bcos of my lil sis's snoring, but noisy bcos outside of my room, people are having their chat at the corridor. and bcos my room was beside the the eating hall, so people waited outside my room for their breakfast.

and seriously, i can't even sleep properly.

around 8am, my father knocked the door, he said that the breakfast end at 10am. so ok then. i got ready and woke the other girls.

then, 15minutes before 9am, got another knock and found out that the breakfast will end at 9am,NOT 10AM. so i was a lil bit upset. aqilah still haven't bath yet, so just told her to brush her teeth and bath after breakfast.

then we went to the eating hall.

and saw the food.

it was......


only little food was left for us to eat. we were the last people who had their breakfast. the food were mostly gone. it's like the guests of the Hotel Kalisma were in a warzone. they won't even leave any leftover.

no bread.
no koko krunch like i thought they'll have(when i was in Bali,they served Koko Krunch)
no nasi goreng.

instead, the only thing left were noodle soups that were not even delicious.

aqilah, my sis and i didn't finish our food. so we went into the room. watched everything that the tv show. then my father called aqilah's phone and i picked it up and he asked me if we wanna eat an outside food.

i was a lil bit concern about it. most of the outside food are bad. i'll maybe will get my 3rd diarrhea in 2009. but my hunger beat me, so i told my dad that i wanna eat that Nasi Ayam that he asked me about.

around 20minutes after that, my father knocked the door and gave us the food.

and it was 10am at that time.

the tv didn't show any interesting stuff. my sis went to sleep. aqilah also the same. and i also joined them. i thought my father wanna took us to Tanah Abang, but he didn't say anything about it.

then,around 12pm, my father appeared and said "get ready, we're going to the airport"

oh. no Tanah Abang?
my father said "dun have the time"


packed all the stuff, and check 1 last time for anything that i might forget to pack. went to the lobby and saw the whole family. the big boss asked the hotel worker to call the taxi.

so he called.

and he said that the taxi will arrive in 1 hour.

so we waited.




then, the taxi arrived.


bye2 Hotel Kalisma...~~
bye2 hideous toilet~~

bye2 1 channel tv~~

bye2 stupid rules~~
bye2 bad entrance~~

i seriously didn't enjoy this hotel. and i had this nice conversation with my brother:

amin: tau tak, Bandung banjir.sampai pinggang.
alia: yeah?? camne amin tau?
amin: amin tengok berita tadi.
alia: eh? bilik amin dapat tgk tv ke?
amin: dapat je.
alia: alia nye satu je dapat. star world je.
amin: nasib tukar bilik.

(we exchange our room cos i had to use a room that have twin beds instead of queen-size bed when we arrived at Hotel Kalisma)

just my luck to have the worst room in that hotel.

anyway, we took the taxi to the airport. and it was around 91k rupiah. cool eh? that's equal to rm24.in Malaysia, rm24 only enough for a taxi-trip from shah alam to sunway pyramid.seriously.

btw, at the airport, got an advice that we must not let the green-clothes men to help carry the luggage cos they'll demand for tips later. Indonesia really have the rule of "there is no free things in the world". totallyblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

then, we had lunch at the airport. we had NASI PADANG,for the last time. then, check-in.

our flight was around 6.30pm, and it was only 4pm at that time, and we had some rupiah with us, so we had to spend it to the last coin. bought some souvenirs that'll cost less if buy outside the airport. after all those shopping, still have 100k rupiah with me, bought more keychains and bracelets, and also a chocolate cream chip at Starbucks. the Starbucks price just the same like the Starbucks in Malaysia.that's the only time i can drink Starbucks without caring about the future allowance.


we went into the Departure Hall to board the plane.
we didn't took this plane. we took MAS,not Garuda.

and nothing much happened after that.

and bye2 Indonesia~~

i won't see something like this again,seriously.

nothing interesting happen in the plane.

and we arrived KLIA safely.haha.

and yeah. that's all happened.

except that, when we arrived, my maid told me that a building collapsed at Tanah Abang. and lucky we didn't go there.

so, nice then.


thanks for reading the long posts about the Bandung-Jakarta trip.

thank you!

ps: people are saying my Jimmy Choo bag is BEAUTIFUL!

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