29 January, 2010


A'kum n ello..

it's my SISTER'S BIRTHDAY today.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

[caring + sarcastic mode: ON]

eventho i hate her most of the times, have to say that she is my sister,and the ONLY ONE that i have, which i should be grateful about cos i don't want another little sister especially a twin of her. my life is already like las vegas this lil girl to take care of.

ok. she's not really a little girl now that today she's already 18, and she can watch any movie that can't watch before this at the cinema,without the guard even try to stop her. i know many under-18 peeps can already pass the security when they watch those SX18,SG18 movies,but this girl couldn't lie to the guards cos she is short with large body,and the security will think she's a kiddies that wanna watch dirty movies.


hopefully, being 18 will show her that life is about being humble and being softer cos she's really a girl that has a dirty mouth and smelly armpit cos she loves to curse and only bathe for 5 times a week. so hopefully, she'll mature in this age and she'll know that life is much more difficult then what she thought it already be.


being 18 is not just about getting that rm9000++ (which maybe ayah will take care of it) but it's about realizing that you already have your period for 7 years already and also being grateful that you still alive.

so. be happy.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

ps: oh. pretend to smile when you have your presents later.


fatin said...

kat mana ni alia? victoria station?

Alia Liverpool said...

oh.ni kat bandung.name kedai tu Sapu Lidi.aha.