11 January, 2010

rattle about today

A'kum n ello..

today is an ok day for me.

i had my 1st mycology class today.



it was ok i think. tho i should check more of them at the internet later. cos seriously, the class has many repeaters, and i think the reason was bcos the lecturer didn't give the WHOLE notes to us. she said she wanna give us more of the info about Mycology, but she said she doesn't want to give us cos we are very lazy student.


still, i think the class will be ok. Instrumental Analysis was a lil bit tough. maybe bcos i don't have the notes with me.

and Molecular Biology was a lil bit scary. the repeaters are plenty. so i was kinda blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com when i saw them. but maybe, just maybe, i'll try hard to learn it.

and you know what, bcos i really am trying to be serious this semester, i think i'll buy that Microbiology book that worth RM84. i really need that book seeing that Dr Zainon didn't give us the whole info about Mycology.

and i know i should rely more on the Internet, but i think i should rely on books more. i'll use the internet for Yahoo!Answer if i have some annoying questions in my head later in the future.

oh. my juniors asked me about the lecturers and the courses that i'm learning. i told them what they must prepare and all,and this bloody good Alia told her Juniors this one cool stuff:

bagus korang ade senior yang baik camni (pointed to the person that said THESE WORDS i.e ALIA LIVERPOOL)

cool eh?


that's all i think.

ta then!

ps: i have to find the number of Rx Water,cos i lost them.

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