30 January, 2010

Mixed Grill=rm38

A'kum n ello..


last night, had dinner at Victoria Station. just to celebrate my sister who got a shawl from ME, sleeveless shirts from my maid, money from haikal, high heels from dd and also an ANNA SUI's ROCK ME! perfume from my father.

nice one~!

anyway, my father said, excluding the birthday girl, the others have to order the food below rm20. and so i checked the menu and only Chicken Maryland is below rm20(price: rm19.90).

and then i had this thought. the only time my father would know that i ate the the rm20++ food is when he check the bills, that is,after i eat the food.

so, i ordered the Mixed Grill,cost about rm38.


the food is great tho i should ordered the steak instead of this,cos seriously, when i ate this food, it's torturing. the food is seriously many and i nearly give up on eating.

tho i should say that the reason of not giving up is the RM38 price of the food and also bcos my father was sitting in front of me.

so i end up eating all of them,and almost made an Aqilah,i.e not even leaving one piece of rice. still, in this circumstances, i didn't even leave any meat,chicken,egg,sausage and fillet except the potato fries.

oh. better i tell you this. if you're at Victoria Station, better order the Charbroiled Steak cos that's their specialty,but better prepare more than RM58(or maybe more cos of the tax).

and another thing, the birthday celebration was nice. the waiters at the V.S put the cake(and a very unique cake btw n bcos it's not mine, so i didn't put it in my blog) in front of my sis and lighted the candles and sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY for her,and fyi, they change the lyrics to something weird.

when they sang, they sang the normal HAPPY BIRTHDAY song, then suddenly, they got another song for her. and i thought they were singing in French,but my father said that is the continuation of the Happy Birthday song.

i don't think he said the truth tho, cos i really heard something like mucho mucho when they were singing the HAPPY BIRTHDAY song. and i even asked my father to sing the same song that the waiters sang. he ignored my request tho. maybe he just shy.

so.that's all.


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