15 January, 2010

Xabi's twin & my Ears

A'kum n ello..

today, went out with Nazneen n Aqilah.

we watched Avatar 3D. we maybe 3 of the last people that haven't watch that movie yet. tho maybe i should exclude my maid in this cos she watched Semp-it instead of Avatar yesterday.

anyway, that movie is ok. brilliant, especially the neon grass and also the flowers and all weird creatures in it. notice that every creatures have that Dracula teeth. even the Navi have them.

and Sam Worthington is hot! maybe bcos he looks like Xabi Alonso,so i really adore this guy.haha. his hairy face certainly looks like Xabi's.

whoa.this is sad. i seriously miss Xabi Alonso here.......blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

anyway, i dunno if it's bcos of my ears or the cinemas, but i think the sound from the movies are very loud nowadays, and i think i maybe a loud-noise-(pho)bia bcos whenever i heard all those loud noise, i felt really uncomfortable like i want to vomit. i seriously dunno why. this kinda unacceptable cos i couldn't enjoy the movie when this 'disease' happen.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and the loud sound was not just in Avatar. when i watched Sherlock Holmes, the loud sound also there,and i also was in a very uncomfortable shape at that time. Aqilah didn't notice the loud sound when we watched Sherlock Holmes, but she noticed them when we watched Avatar.

i know sound effect gives the mood, but seriously tho, what really happened to me?? few days ago, a 2NE1's fan said there is something wrong with my ears cos i said 2NE1's Lollipop song with Big Bang is annoying.

maybe there really is something wrong with my ears. except that, THAT SONG is really annoying, ok?? still, that song is addictive.

after that, we had Tokyo-G as our lunch. as whoa, we really full after that. and we only ordered 5 sushis.

or maybe 5 IS TOO MUCH.

i love to play with chopsticks.

please focus at the sushi, not at Aqilah.aha

ok, the sushi doesn't really look as delicious as this.

never mind then.

so now, tata!

ps: girls, thanks for the ears.haha.

extra ps: i really am evil.nobody can mess with me cos i really hold grudge.how WOW.

another ps: aqilah, pay rm5.

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