09 January, 2010


A'kum n ello..

i'm mad.

i'm just mad.

i don't think anybody will apologize anyway.

i dunno who i really am,anyway.

i really dunno which one is really me. is it the one in front of my family? is it the one in front of my friend? i really dunno.

am i really that unworthy to u? am i really that useless? am i really ur friend?

one friend did this to me.
another friend did the same thing.

maybe i'm being emotional.
maybe i'm just being immature.

ok.i know that person will think this is a small thing.and that's what hurt the most.

i thought i'm the nearest. but in the end, i'm just not. i'm just nothing. i scared and worried for nothing.

maybe i'm paranoid,but i don't care anymore. i'm just tired. seriously tired. i just don't want to feel worried n scared n have those stupid feelings anymore.

it just a waste of my time.

u're strong. u can be by urself. u dun even need me.

and let me state this one thing to u.

i need everybody. maybe you think i dun need you anymore, but like i said,i need everybody.and mayb need u.

but maybe, all the memories about u helped me before are just a pain in ur ass. so yeah, i'll try not to need u anymore.

i'll walk alone.


Dayya said...

no, you're not alone. don't feel so bad. hurm, sometimes kte pn rse cmni. tp nk bt cne. kte pn tataw. tp mmg sedayh sbb kte rse kwn kte cm rse kte useless. tp2, dont feel so bad. happy je ok :)))

Alia Liverpool said...

rse cm tapehaper kan. so cm kt dh plan, kt mls dh nk trust diorg ni sme. just duk diam sbb kt dh mls n pnat nk layan org camni lagi.

n yeah,kt akan terus hepi tanpa ade diorg tu.