10 January, 2010

being like this.

A'kum n ello..

have plenty of things to blog about.

about pizza and cookies.

but i'm just not in the mood to blog about them right now.

the hatred that i have right now is too big that i just don't feel like to do anything.

so i end up made a pizza with sausages and burgers toppings with my sister n maid, just to let go all the feeling that i have right now.

i'll tell you this one thing, i don't think i'll be as honest person after this.

oh, i'll be direct as always. but i won't be as honest as you think i'll be.

i'll tell this before, once you make me unhappy,mad and upset, i won't like you anymore but i'll still continue as your friend.

let me tell you one thing, what you did to me is the start of me not believing that friendship and love are never forever.

ta then!


nazneen said...

you gonna be okay?? This person must've done something that bad kot sampai u marah mcm nie...??

Alia Liverpool said...

i'll b ok.dun worry. :)