17 January, 2010

me and Mercedes

A'kum n ello..

i drove my father's mercedes yesterday.

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comhaha rite?

i always drive that 2nd hand proton wira that i never care much about its safety and condition,cos if something is wrong with that car,it's not bcos of me. so, when i drove the mercedes, the RESPONSIBILITY IS REALLY BIG.it's like when you're an assistant for a band, and then the vocalist of the band suddenly disappear,and you can't do anything about it,but somebody makes a stupid plan by saying "YOU, BE THE VOCALIST!"

what say you?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
(imagine if this happen to Paramore: Hayley suddenly disappear and a nobody replace her)

especially that the request for me to drive the Mercedes is really,really SUDDEN.

so the story was like this:

my father,my sis n i already on OUR WAY OUT to go to Subang Parade.we were just at the car. then suddenly, my father asked me if i wanna drive the car. and bcos i don't want to drive ANY car(including a Mercedes) and just relax at the back of the car, i said NO.

my sis,tho, said "I WANT! I WANT!!"but my father ignored her.

the request suddenly change to demand.

so,all i can do is drive.nothing bad will happen rite? a Mercedes is also a car.

so. i sat on the driver's side of the car.

tried to start it.i looked at the key. why the hell it has NO KEY????????

my father said "taruk je kat tempat kunci tu.lepas tu pusing"


then, search for the handbrake.NO HANDBRAKE!

my father said "tu kat tepi tu.tarik handbrake tu"
alia "oh,tu handbrake?"

then, had to reverse the car to get out from the house.erm,the R is there.and also the D.so,nothing weird.

my father said "now,reverse"
so i reverse.

then,had to signal to the left. check the signal device.nothing at the right. so,definitely at the left.saw 2 sticks. one of them is the signal thing.

then,the journey to Subang Parade started.
whoa, it was weird. seriously weird. you felt uncomfortable, weird, awkward, awed, and also,RICH!

i thought i was kinda slow. checked the speed. it was already 100km/h.


tried to be faster.


i had to control myself not to drive like Michael Schumacher.

saw a car in front of me. i thought the car kinda far. so i tried to get near.
too fast, cos my father shrieked at me.
yes.he did SHRIEK.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


suddenly, it rained.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
ok2. raining. nothing bad will happen. now, had to search for the wiper. where was the wiper? tried to search for it, but in the end, my father the one who switched on the wiper cos he was frustrated and maybe scared with my driving. ayah: focus on driving alia!
conclusion: i still dunno how to switch on the wiper for the mercedes.

then, arrived at Subang Parade. luckily, nothing bad happen when i parked the car.

another problem occur. i dunno how to off the car.

man, my father seriously was frustrated with me. so he off the car by himself.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

conclusion: no Alia to drive the Mercedes after this.

ps: alisa wanna drive the car for the journey home,but my father said she have to pay for the parking.i think she had no money,so my father the one who drove the car on the way home.

another ps: it's not about bcos it is a Mercedes.it's bcos its ur father's car.


asya yaacob said...

huhu samalah dkt rumah
kakak2 n mak semua tak berani bwk kete abah
sebab tu kete abah

cuak kot kalau ape2 jadi

Alia Liverpool said...

haha.seriously.besar gle tanggungjawab tu.haha.