25 January, 2010

module 3

A'kum n ello...

i'm a very HAPPY person yesterDAY.

you know. yesterday, i had this one cool module. it was my 3rd module,tho i should have attended it last semester instead of this semester. but u know, i skipped last semester's module cos i attended the TVXQ gathering,so really, i could't do anything about it.

anyway, i attended this semester,so i had to meet with people that mostly were the Part 3 students i.e my JUNIORS.

obviously, my thoughts were "aih.JUNIORS.BUDAK KECIK~~" even though most of the juniors were suppose to be the same age as me but seriously tho, i'm a Senior. you know,SUPER SENIOR?


i met my juniors.

the module got 3 PARTS. 1st: a talk about organization. 2nd: a talk about ___? (seriously,it was boring as hell) 3rd: LDK(latihan dalam kumpulan)


the talks were ok.not memorable or funny.

the LDK i.e the group session was REALLY REALLY FUN.

the LDK consist of people from other faculties such as Music faculty, Sports Science faculty, and other sorts that i didn't even remember.

oh. i even met the Microbiology juniors.haha. i asked about their semester, as i'd been like them before; met that lecturers and so on. and those juniors of mine told me that they have to memorize AT LEAST 50 BACTERIAS cos my old lecturer,Sir Nik Roslan, that will be teaching me Mycology later, told them to memorize those Bacteria names.

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA.SIAN DIORANG!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
i only memorized 12 of them and THAT'S ALL.haha.


i remember something. Sir Nik Roslan will teach Mycology.
i think he'll ask us to memorize 50 names of FUNGI later.oh damn.

ok. back to the module.

so i met new people,and the people that i really remember were the Music students, Izzat a.k.a Hujan(cos he looked like that Hujan band guy) and also Emir a.k.a Cemonet(cos he wore this snow cap,and snow cap looks like anak tudung,and KP calls anak tudung as cemonet,instead of serkup)

it's a lil bit hard to explain why Emir(Cemonet) was memorable to me cos it's not even a romantic encounter or a "OH MAN.HE'S HOT" kind of way. cos seriously, he's not good looking. so i'll summarize the story: KP,aqilah and me played this game about 2,5,9.and Cemonet saw what we played. and he asked us about it. he didn't directly played with us, but he spontaneously played with us. oh,Cemonet is a Music student who plays i-dunno-what-instrument-but-related-with-Bass.

i know you don't understand.but whatever.

then, about Izzat a.k.a Hujan.

oh. he's not good looking if you ask me. but he's alright. and he's a very fun guy.haha.

we were in the same group in this one task that we have to do. it's about an organization and the followers. me,aqilah,kp,Hujan and cemonet were in followers group. each of us got our own tasks. aqilah and i were the Good people(we had to do the stuff that'll say the organization is the best), KP was the bad people(she had to do stuff about wrecking and complains the organization) while Hujan and Cemonet were the Nice+Bad people.

and i teamed up with KP and Hujan.
aqilah with Cemonet.

so i'll only explain about my team.haha.

KP was ridiculously mean. seriously, she was VERY VERY MEAN. i never thought she'll be that mean.haha. she complained a lot. she didn't do the task. I, however,a nice girl. i had to say "YES,SAYA SETUJU!" to what the organizations said. i was the SEMANGAT people,but more like an idiot. Hujan played along with KP and me.

oh. i forgot to mention that the losers have to dance.

and bcos KP didn't do most of the tasks, my team were the losers. aqilah's team was the winner. and the reason we were lost was bcos of KP. i found out that my team were supposed to win,but maybe the organization was very2 annoyed with KP that they wanted to punish us.


i really dunno what we had to do. they told us to entertain them. i danced a lil bit of Sorry Sorry. but i don't think anybody there except aqilah and kp know about Bo Peep Bo Peep dance or even Sorry Sorry dance.

then, a lame request from the audience: "CHICKEN DANCE"

oh shit.

and bcos someone actually have the song of the chicken dance in their phone, so we had to dance to that song. and we didn't even know the dance. but i took kp's hand and we were tango-ing/waltz-ing.haha.

oh seriously, we were like an IDIOT.

but people just laughed at us. and we had fun. and i got new friends. and so,it was a nice DAY to me.

oh.only at DAY. the night was stupid. it was more of a major breakdown.

i'll tell about that later. wanna pray my Asar prayer.tata!

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chicken dance???hehehe