28 January, 2010

should be early

A'kum n ello..

so. what happened today?

no lab.cos i dunno what.THAT happened around 2pm.

then, around 4pm, rushed to Molecular Biology's class cos the lecturer is really strict about being late even for one minute. and i had to rush to the lecture hall after i did my number 2. after huff and puff, we(kp,aqilah n i) arrived and we saw NO ONE IN THE LECTURE HALL. the class start at 4.10pm but it was 4.15pm already,n no one was there.so we thought they maybe change the lecture venue. so we went to this one lecture hall. saw Afiq and Nasar.

alia: kelas takde eh?
nasar: kelas takde.
afiq: KELAS TAKDE????
nasar: abis ko duk kat sini ni buat pe?
afiq: aku ingat ade gap je.


so we waited for the next class with afiq and nasar. we played the DON'T-SAY-THAT-NUMBER game;a game that i got from 1N2D. and it was LOADED WITH FUN with kp and i nearly peed in our pants!!!

then,around 4.5opm,went to the Musolla. prayed Asar, and aqilah told me to go to the class first. so i went.

i arrived. and it was 5.10pm.

and i saw some people inside the lecture hall.

i entered.

a shout from many people "KELAS TAKDE!!!!!!!!"

oh shi-a-t-z!

and bcos i didn't drive to class today, i had to call my bro who suppose to pick me up at 7pm instead of 5pm.(THO IT SHOULD BE 2PM instead of 5PM -_-")

anyway, tomorrow will be free. no Microbial Physiology's lab and also it's my sister's birthday tomorrow. will have dinner at Victoria Station, yeay!!!! bought already my sister's present,and i don't want to care if she likes it or not. haha.

eventho freedom all day tomorrow, i have TONNES OF THINGS TO DO especially that i'll be very busy this weekend cos of THOSE modules and so i don't really have the time to be a lazy-ass tomorrow.

whatever then.


ps: almost forgot that today got Statistic's quiz. and i seriously FAIL. oh damn.

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