27 January, 2010

internet is being forgotten.slowly.

A'kum n ello...

i felt like i haven't use the internet for a very LOOOOOOONNNNNNNNG TIME.

funny. maybe i really am addict to internet.
or maybe i'm slowly acknowledge that internet is not really the no.1 priority in life.haha.

so now.

there this something i wanna talk about. it's about the Super Junior's Concert.

you know what? i don't really feel weird if there are GIRLS talk about going to the concert, or even talk about Super Junior itself.cos obviously, people already know that I AM A GIRL,and why should i feel weird to see GIRLS talk about Super Junior-the 13 good looking handsome guys,rite?

however, it still weird when a GUY suddenly came to me and asked me "Alia, ko pegi Super Junior punye konsert eh?" with an amazement and why-didn't-u-invite-me tone. i was kinda surprised when that guy suddenly came to me and asked me about it.

so i answered him "yup.aku pegi.NAPE?KO PUN PEGI??" cos seriously, i'll be very excited if someone i know also go to the concert cos there this coursemate of mine,Miezah, will join us(me and aqilah) to the concert cos i influenced her.

anyway, that guy said "oh tak.aku tanye je"


and then, i asked him about the Kpop stuff, and he said he also enjoy this Kpop stuff, except that he only care much about the actors,instead of the singers.

then i said "oh. aku minat Kpop ni pun sampai pegi koncert D.B.S.K"
then he replied "oh.DONG BANG SHIN KI"

seriously,i was shock. even Adam pronounces DBSK as D.B.S.K and not DONG BANG SHIN KI. even afiq called D.B.S.K as D.B.S.K.even my sister's friend that loves korean stuff called DBSK as Dong Bang Shin Hwa.



he even has a good looking face.
except that, his Kelantan accent~~~~~.

another guy then.haha.

tata sayang!

ps: no offense to the Kelantanese guys. but i talked to aqilah and asked her will she accept Jaejoong if he talks in Kelantanese accent,than she said "kite takleh nak accept laki yang cakap bahasa Kelantan"

another ps: ceh,Kelantan accent la ;p

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Anonymous said...

ckp kat Aqilah, skrg takleh accept nanti dpt betul baru tau! :P