19 November, 2009

back to the good times.

A'kum n ello...

so acu sent me a message with a "airina dapat 5A"

so i replied with a "HOHO.CONGRATS"

then my mind went to memory lane. i remember the time when i got my UPSR result and a week before that i got a fever cos i was too nervous about it.

then when it's time to go to the hall when they want to announce the result,i saw this teacher,who was holding this big paper. and my mind was like "ok,that paper has our result" so i went to the teacher. and suddenly,she was opening the paper,and i saw that "it's the RESULTS alright" and then i saw my name and found that i got 5As.

so obviously i was happy,glad,excited,and bcos i knew the result before they announce it, i told other people "aku dapat 5A~" and without waiting for my actual certificate, i sms-ed my father and other relatives and all of them were happy for me.

and i remember that before they announce the result, there was this one teacher,Cikgu Johari (still remember him,dear SKS6-ers?) and he said to me "alia,even without your mother,you must not enjoy too much" and i was like "enjoy what?"

so then i know that he was referring to my result,which,of course, i have to celebrate it.my father gave me an iMac,which i dunno where the hell that stuff is right now.

and so........

what went wrong?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

3 years after that, i got my PMR result. i got 7As.
then 2 years after that PMR,i got my SPM result.i got 5As.

things just gone bad,isn't it?

it's like saying "ur life is worsening,Alia~~~"

example of the worst:
3 years after that,u got a stepmother.
2 years after that,u got another stepmother.

that's bloody funny rite?

like i said before,my life is too dramatic,i dunno what's more dramatic than this.

ta then~!


fareez fadzil... said...

cikgu rosdina before gasi result aku,
"saya kecewa ngan kamu"
=.=" aku gelabah...
gasi result aku, then tersenyum,

Alia Liverpool said...

classic gle time dedulu tu.

asya said...

hahahaha bestnye alia
semua result gempak2

and my result tak penah gempak
suram je sepanjang masa

nak nak spm punyye

Alia Liverpool said...

result gempak la sgt.aih~

but nasib mende dh lpas..haha.

takde beza sgt pun result bagus ke pe.cam xde impak pape pun sbenarnye.