15 November, 2009

sleephead is blogging

A'kum n ello...

i'm very sleepy rite now.

very,very sleepy.

i don't have a nice life nowadays.

want to know why? because NOBODY respect me. EVERYBODY doesn't respect me.

what should i do then? be a sticky note? nobody want to hear anything that i want to say. they think i'm just a nuisance. they just think "alia tu ingat dia bagus sangat.biarkan dia"

let me say the truth,which i don't think that person will admit it anyway. the one who said THAT is the person that "PRASAN BAGUS"

i heard many people call me "you think you're soooo gooooddd" which i want to reply with "maybe i am.are you jealous?"

only the people that really know me will know that i'm just being funny. however, there also exist people that think "i know alia too damn well" and end up thinking "aku nak jeles ngan alia??trime kasihla~~!buatpe nak jeles ngan pompuan tu????"


i dunno what really i want to blog. my mind is too dizzy.

i want to sleep.

you make the conclusion/ending then.

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