05 November, 2009

immune after this.

A'kum n ello...

i'll be free until 12am. after that,i'll be super duper bz with memorizing all the Immunology terms.

biochemistry was full of explain stuff,and i'm not satisfied with what i did. but i can't say that i regret with the answers that i gave.i wrote all the things that i know,and yeah,maybe that's all.

excuse like "that super hot room" is the past already. no need to mention it again,eventho i just mention it just now.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


Immunology scares me. the notes are too long,and I HAVE TO MEMORIZE ALL THE WORDS INSIDE THE NOTES. if i forgot one word in that note, i have to say "HI DR.HANA.WE MEET AGAIN~"

lucky that i'm the one who'll go to the market this week,so i can study inside the car while waiting for my maid. so,things are looking bright.

to K-LUN: cis,ko dah abis exam.cis cis cis !!!!!
to En. Othman: please call,Alisa. dia dahle sedih takde orang datang graduation dia,but you don't even call her and ask about it.shame on you.

to anybody who read this, that think i'm rude for blog something like that, i'm just being an Ainor Azmin.

ta then~!
congrats with the grad,bdak gemuk~!

ps: cute,cheap mattress at shah alam mall.MUST BUY!!!!!!!! RM29 only. AHHHHHH!!!

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