27 November, 2009

Raya Aidil Adha.not so jolly.

A'kum n ello...



and it's only 11.56am,and my brothers and father are sleeping. my sis went to her friends house. and the only living creature that not sleeping in my house is me and my maid.

and we have plenty of food right now.

how nice.

i dunno what's the difference between today and the other days. maybe bcos we only celebrate it at home,not at tg malim or batu pahat, so the raya doesn't really feel jolly~.

and it's kinda funny that eventhough the reason we decide to celebrate raya at shah alam is becos of my sis's spm, but she's the one enjoying herself the most in this Holy Day(got this term from izza's blog).

man, we should just celebrate raya at Pak Yang's house (at tg malim) if my sis going to be like this. there's no difference anyway.

so i'm bored right now.

oh. i'm going to have my holiday at bandung at the end of this year. the day when the microbe peeps start their class, i'll be at bandung,visiting Noi and shopping some cheap stuff.


seriously, i'm bored. i dunno what to do right now.



armouris said...

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Anonymous said...

happy eidul adha!