25 November, 2009

Liverpool outto~

A'kum n ello...

wanna know something?

Liverpool is out from the eufa champions league.

as in "bye bye na no na da" like mimi loves to say.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

it also means, we won't be european champions,eventhough Liverpool is ranked no.1 in the uefa ranking.
it also means that Liverpool will join the likes of hamburg(afiq ersyad betrayed arsenal and support this low team) in an european competition called Europa League,which is like a 2nd division team,only that there'll be no big teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid.

however, barcelona and real madrid are not confirmed to the next round of CL.but who cares about them.

and so,Liverpool is the favourite to win the Europe League.

oh thank you Astro for adding another channel of astro supersport,cos i know you'll show more Liverpool in europa league at your new channel after this.


ps: why my mind said Liverpool vs Hamburg later?

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