29 November, 2009


A'kum n ello..

went out with syefah to go to aqilah's house just now.

1 word: crazy!

and another thing: i realize that both me and syefah have a different sense of humour.

it's like this:

  • syefah thinks My Lovely Samsoon is bad. i think SamSoon is the best korean drama ever.
  • syefah thinks Coffee Prince is good+ cool. i think Coffee Prince is ok2.

SamSoon is the best,ok? THAT is the only drama that i can laugh purely and also watched more than 5times.

Coffee Prince is a lil boring. i don't like that tomboy's character.hahaha.ok,maybe the storyline kinda ok.but still, not the best drama.

and u know,i always buy Japanese dramas instead of Korean dramas. so when i recommends J-dramas to syefah,she'll be like "TANAK.NAK CTE KOREA!"


and she said to me "awak jepun.kite korea"


i just shut up. she already beat me in the "karipap ikea tu sdap gle" which i don't even know about it.

ta then~

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