16 November, 2009

TIPS to Seoul

A'kum n ello..

remember that i planned to go to korea but had to cancel it?

i'm not an idiot. cos i did try to check how to go and what MUST and MUST NOT do.

so i tried 'ASKING' people.

thanks for Yahoo!answer for that. that place really help me a lot. it help me with my analytical chemistry and biochemistry stuff before,so i tried asking about some travel stuff.

check it here if you plan to go to korea later.

someone answered a brilliant question for me. you can know where the best place to eat Halal food and what most Koreans do.

It's a strange country

It's true foreigners haven't had good impressions of Korean taxi drivers. Some drivers refuse to drive you to your destination saying the traffic is bad there and some even charge higher fares.

Koreans tend to avoid foreigners because they find it embarrassing when they can't communicate with the foreigners in English.
If you are looking for halal food, you may go to Itewon to find one. Just go to the first masjid built in Korea, then you may find many halal restaurants around it.

oh just read it. very2 detailed.

ta then~!

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Anonymous said...

I know u can decide the best...
i wud be worried sick if u go without adults... :)