02 November, 2009

CTU211 done.

A'kum n ello..

done CTU211.now for biochemistry this thursday.

there's this one tiny thing tho,Lyon vs LIVERPOOL also this thursday.

have to watch it then,or else i'll be uncomfortable.i can't have a good nice sleep thinking that Liverpool is playing in a VERY,ERY IMPORTANT MATCH,while i'm sleeping nicely on that uncomfortable bed.

hopefully,i won't be that pening when i answer my Biochemistry paper.

anyway,about the exam,it was quite ok.better than i expected.especially that i only read 3 chapters.

and FYI to you non-uitmers, CTU211 consists of 5Qs and you need to answer 3.each questions represent each chapter from the book;the CTU211 book.

and bcos i only read 3 chapters;2,4,5, so i did question no.2,4 and 5.

cool.i'm a genius for thinking about this.ahaha.

i forgot to bring 2 stuff at the exam hall today: a sweater and a watch.

a watch is very2 important.but not today.cos i sat near the front,and i saw the clock nicely
conclusion: no need watch.

BUT,the sweater is really2 important. that BLOODY ANNEXE HALL was horribly cold,that aqilah-the polar bear even shivered. me,however,didn't shiver.reason? cos my blood stop circulating that even an action like shiver can't be done.
conclusion: bring your sweater to the exam hall,or else,you'll go to the toilet many times.it's like watching movie in a cold cinema,and you have to pee during the climax.

and another thing that happen during the exam,was this guy's appearance.

you know him?

he is our current minister of the high education.

i met him before,bcos he saw me ate a lollipop during his grand entrance on my 1st semester at uitm.[true story]

anyway,he appeared,and bcos he knew it was exam season,he just enter the hall,and FLASH,FLASH(camera snapping), and go away.

nice entrance.

maybe that's what happen.haha.

ta then!

credit image: MOHE

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