08 November, 2009


A'kum n ello..

so i'm done with Immunology.

and something unexpected happen.it was better than i thought.

to tell you the truth,i start reading the notes this morning,and the exam started at 2.15pm.so you know the drill then.

it's already bad to study last minute.so something like studying 4hours before THAT suppose subject is totally a NO-NO.

like i expected, i couldn't finish reading the whole notes. to tell you the truth,i kinda give up with Immunology. it's like Add Math during SPM all over again.

but still,i used that Torres' advice and i still study eventhough my heart is not really in front the notes.cos i had this thought,maybe,just maybe,i can nail that paper eventhough it'll be hard.

but like i said,i didn't read all the notes.


during the exam,i saw the front page of the paper,and it said:
kertas ini mengandungi 7 soalan
jawab 5 soalan dalam buku jawapan yang disediakan.

and they didn't bold that '5 soalan' words. lucky that i saw it.

so,i looked at the questions. Alhamdulillah. from all the things that i read, the questions 1-5 were the things that i read. so i did those questions.

the other 2? i didn't read ANYTHING ABOUT THEM.

i'm quite glad tho. lucky that i read only those parts. cos it'll make me more confuse if i read the whole notes.ehe~

i thank God for this.

Analytical test after.
a LAST MINUTE thing is total NO-NO for this subject.

ta then~!

ps: Kelantan lose eh? and asya being a fake-loyal supporter of Kelate.haha.


asyachumel said...

nak tau x?
dah tau kelantan tu dah nak kalah

ttbe tukar sokong n9

kejam gle

padahal kenal indra putra mahyudin je kot

Alia Liverpool said...

penyokong yg munafik.hahahahah!

asyachumel said...

shhh jangan bagitau orang.wakakakakaka