03 November, 2009

A'kum n ello..

thank God i'm a person that have many fandoms. this whole DBSK stuff give me headache and heartache.


so i have to change my track to NEWS. DBSK still in my mind, but bad news are not something that i want rite now. you remember that Liverpool defeat? that's one of them.


NEWS!!!!!!!!! oh man i miss the boys. i found the subs for the Winter Diamond concert.so after my exam,i'll download it.

and these gifts just make my day.YEAY!

ok now.nak makan~

ps: acap msg-ed me that the person that haven't done the test1 have to sent the test tomorrow.YEAY!!! ALHAMDULILLAH! a solution for the low carrymark that i have rite now for bacteriology cos i didn't do the test1.thanks SIR NIK!

ps: why now?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com (alia,bersyukur~~)

credit image: kaouchan@LJ

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