01 November, 2009

kalah again?i don't care e e e e e :)

A'kum n ello...

ok ney,i sambung ngan bahasa plastic,ok?

the following words are not BM. Bahasa Malaysia is a very well-respected language.therefore,like i said, the following words are not Bahasa Malaysia. it's not urbanized Malaysia language,it's Plastic language.


reina is thinking why the hell this happened again.

so, Liverpool kalah lagi.
the so-called Liverpool fans are shouting "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING,RAFA????"

alia yang baik dan setia ngan Liverpool akan berkata "BODO NYE PLAYER.DAH BAGI DAH PELUANG NTUK MAIN,KORANG MAIN CAMTU LAK?"

again,like i said,i don't care what you think about Rafa Benitez, he's the best man for Liverpool.currently maybe.but i still think he's the best. maybe he's too nice as a manager right now,cos you know, he trusts his players so much,but the players will say "I DUNNO WHAT THE BOSS IS THINKING.ME??PLAYING AT THE RIGHT?""

let's be reasonable here.put your head in Rafa's shoes.

rafa said, "i want you to play at the right.can you?"
the player, "can i?"
rafa said, "like this.you're good in etc etc etc.that's why i want you to play at the right."
the player, "oh.ok"

maybe the people that read this will say "rafa,THAT is a STUPID PLAN.he JUST CAN'T PLAY at the RIGHT!"
rafa then said "i TRUST HIM.HE CAN."

you know,call me naive, call me stupid or everything. there's one thing that i'll try to do my best,and that is, when people have trust in you.

it's like when you tell your mother "mak,saya takleh buatla. kawan2 sme tak ske saya.saya takleh buat~~~!!"
then,your mother said "takpe.boleh punye.mak tau kamu boleh buat."
she trusts you.what more do you want?she trusts you.

and when people trust you, that's when you have to do it better.

but some people, they don't care. they just don't care. they think "why the hell he told me to do that????i can't do it,you stupid man!"

in the end, both side,the people that trust you,and the person that the other person trust,lose.both just think, "i trust him.but why did he do that?" and the other person said "he's stupid.isn't it?i told him i can't"

that,my fellow readers,are the thing that happened to Liverpool right now. either between the manager and players,or the players-players,or the players-fans,or the manager-fans.

there this Liverpool fan said "i supported Liverpool even before you were born.let just be realistic.Liverpool can't win the title.i've been through it"

you know what,it's bcos someone like YOU,that easily give up at half-time,or at the middle of the season, that Liverpool lose the title. it's bcos you lose trust on that person easily.

make me an example:
I have a father that always,always make some stupid stuff.not the small stuff,cos he's quite smart in that. but sometimes, i lose trust in him as a father. but then,i just have to accept it.he is my father,and i just have to trust him,eventhough it's obviously bad for me.

that's life. you just have to trust that person for you to live,and to win.even though the obvious result is there,a risk is a risk,but that's life.

either you accept it or just GIVE UP.

me? i'm a person that accept.maybe.

ps:not plastic language after all eh?YNWA!

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