09 November, 2009

a need to change.

A'kum n ello..

there are 2 things that i need the most right now.

1st: a mattress
SERIOUSLY.I NEED IT! i've been having a hard time to sleep nowadays,and i have to lay the blame at the more-than-2-decades mattress that i have now. seriously,i have pain at my back now. and i thought it's all bcos of period pain.


2nd: a camera.
yes. a camera. a good nice,quality camera that WILL LAST LONGER. i couldn't ask my father to buy for me as he'll nag and nag and say "i already bought you a camera,and you want another one??" and when i start to say something,he'll say "ape,rosak lagi??? sme benda ayah bagi semuanye dah jahanam.tak pandai jaga harta langsung".

whoa there.

I,LOVE TO KEEP. i change things,not bcos of trend,not bcos my-friend-have-it-and-i-don't-have-it sort of thing. i CHANGE things when that stuff already ROSAK.

if you look at my laptop,it's an old laptop,and a very heavy one with no LCD-like screen \. it doesn't even have a wireless,nor can it connect to the internet nor play a dvd. BUT! i have that Wireless USB thingy,and i can just copy a dvd to a pendrive,and as long as i can watch a good nice view of videos,i don't care much about the LCD-screen thing as my home TV is not even LCD. and i don't have any intention to change that laptop cos it's still useful to me. i don't care about VAIO or iBook or other sorts cos all laptops are the same.the only people that need to use a special,expensive laptop is someone like Akmal,cos she draws and she wants learn game designs.someone with that intention will get the benefits of expensive laptop.but someone like us,who only use the computer to play the net or play the sims,doesn't need that kind of thing.

so.i want to have a new camera. why you may ask? bcos currently,my camera always have this 'ERROR LENS' words at it digital screen. so,you can understand now that the camera's lens are wrecked; i.e ROSAK. and i can't ask my father to buy a new one for me,as he'll say "BARU JE BELI,NAK BELI LAGI" eventhought it's already exceed 2years. seriously,i don't want to change the camera.that nikon s200 is precious to me as i captured many cool stuff from that camera. i encountered FT Island's JaeJin cos of that camera. i saw Liverpool by using this camera,and plenty of stalking stuff that include SS501 members. and bcos of this camera's problem,i couldn't snap any picture of Lee Minho nicely.cos: LENS ERROR!

so,right now,i can't even snap pictures with that camera,as LENS ERROR always appear.and i dunno how the hell that happened.in my existence as an owner of that nikon s200,the camera was always in my bag,never been hit and anything that related like that.so, WHY THERE IS LENS ERROR?!?!

FYI,my camera is 2 years old. and i dunno why all my precious stuff will finish it life when it reach 2 years old. my iPod nano was like that.and now my camera. and that is why,mr. OTHMAN ITHNIN,that i told you before to buy an expensive camera for me,bcos it'll last longer~~~~!

still, i'm a grateful bitch. so i'll just save some money to repair that camera then. cos the next time i'll use it,someone will say "kenape tak buang gambar2 dalam camera ni? camera ni dah jadi lembap" which doesn't really matter to me,cos THAT IS NOT A PROBLEM!


and you say a man doesn't nag.

ps: now it bcome a post of anger.maybe the hormone,that's why.

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